Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Importance of Social Media Conversation

The power of social media nowadays is indoubtably. A simple tweet can change and influence the opinion of thousands of followers that can consume us again or just stop believing in our messages or content. So, what we should do is to change our mentality and thoughts and stop only communicating to start to listen, communicate and consecuently generate engagement.

One of the biggest problems is ignoring that many brands do not stand up to a minute to listen to the thoughts of his followers. Simple communication doesn't create interaction, so you have to run away from this practice and opt for talking which, undoubtedly, will generate brand value and make us more closer.

Central to our customers is to have a positive experience with our brand. Go beyond mere content and turn it into a weapon that will generate interest and help us to create conversations that will allow us to grow day by day; That will make a difference.

Below we share with you an infographic of Cool Brands about the power of Millennials's conversations in social media:


Friday, October 31, 2014

The Power of Social Media Influencers

The role of influencers has become crucial at the time in which we live. Brands like H&M, Oreo and Visa are the most popular social networks in the study Top Social Brands that apart from being very well positioned in the mind of the consumer brands, are even more in social media. But what are the influencers? They can be both individuals and groups who, through their experience in a given field have earned a reputation and credibility in social media and are dedicated to generating interesting and quality content. 

The WOMMA Influencer Guide Book distinguishes 5 typologies  by degree of influence: the defender, the citizen, the ambassador, the professional and the celebrity. The defender is usually a regular user of a brand that by altruism and sympathy decides to share content about their products. The citizen is mostly a user that dued to its spontaneous and continuous content has gained a network of followers and sometimes explains his experiences or recommendations. The ambassador share an emotional bond with the brand and values​​, it is usually an employee or volunteer that shares content by being payed for it. The professional goes a step further and is defined as an influential person that because of his job or profession gives a higher degree of knowledge, so he acts as an expert by apporting credibility. Finally we have the celebrity, a public figure who despite their high cost, he could be the best investment to influence the followers of a brand and thus achieve greater impact. 

Each influencer is different, so you have to know them very well to approach to them and establish a relationship of value and that could be effective and beneficial for them and for the brand. Therefore, you should start by detecting those users with a great social activity related to the brand to approach them face to face with a personalized treatment offering something in return. Thus we can achieve valuable actions like that they cite the products or services of a brand in their blog or articles, become viral certain content on their network or even do product placement in one of their daily photographs.

Below we show you an infographic of Crowtap that explains us which issues and facts influence our decisions on social media:

Source: Crowdtap

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Why Social Media?

Nearly 80% of consumers would be likely to buy even more in the future dued to the presence of brands on social media. That's what states a study of the Internet Advertising Bureau of United Kingdom and that is because social media is the present. By creating personal relationships with customers, brands become part of the user experience and contribute on its competitive advantage.

There are many reasons why companies must be and use social media. Our top 5 is reputation, real information, differentiation, humanization and transparency. If you create a well-based online reputation users will trust on your words and your content and then they'll mantain loyal on your social channels and on real life. Connecting and getting in touch with your community is a great and free source of information, and what's more consumer insights that will help you to improve your future strategies. Differentiation is not only a matter of being different from your competitors but also focusing on that special point that users have let you known they specially like to be your competitive advantge. One to one relationships provides you a special link that humanizes your brand, that means when consumers ask you and you quickly give them a personalized answer they'll see you as a peer. The last reason is transparency, being honest and dedicated to your community will certainly contribute to loyalty.

Other values you need to consider are the power of listening and promote experiences. Listening to fans, followers, and customers will allow you to collect the data you need to improve and being the reference they expect you to be. Explore which type of content they like and dislike and pay attention to your current fans, your potencial ones and to influencers. Once you've understanded your community is time to share with them unforgettable and unique experiences to get feedback and start a lasting link that will be growing with periodical and valuable content.

We show you an infographic of Pay Simple blog that gives us a brief approach of social media rules:

Source: Pay Simple blog

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Social Media: The Big Challenge for Advertisers

¿What seems a better option to impact and reach Internet users? This is one of the great challenges Advertisers have when choosing which creative proposal is the most successful and generate more profitability and effectiveness.

But sometimes they forget that behind a screen is a much more complex and demanding user. Social Media have become the king media to spread advertising campaigns and to talk about brands and companies but what is alarming for them is that sometimes users don't care about it. Consumers tend to rely more on other users,thus acting as prescribers, and the reccomendation has been imposed on the voice of the brand itself. 

Faced with this problem, ¿how can Advertisers act? The best option seems to be by convincing the user and reinventing the message, turn the advertising content that consumers will want to look and be part of it. But the most important is that he personalizes the message by his interests. This is Social Media background and brands only need to truly listen the users to better know how to act.

Then we leave an infographic from Flowtown showing growth trends of advertising in Social Media:


Friday, September 12, 2014

Millennials: The New Consumer Generation

Millennials, the future or the current new consumer generation? We all know about millennials and their power in today's consumer society, but will they be the same in  the future? This collective is 24 hours connected to Social Media to express themselves and share opinions and thoughts but they usually believe more in their friends or the social community voice rather than the brands. So how can companies change that?

As a Boston Consulting Group survey reveals "millennials are driving a transformation of consumer marketing across five elements: reach, relevance, reputation, relation, and referral". That means the key to approach to young consumers is by setting really clear marketing goals that can be easily measured without missing the open dialogue and understanding what this new generation want from companies. Loyalty  is difficult but even more with social media adopters, so brands have to listen, read and understand them.

That is that brands need to understand millennials by anticipating to their needs, motivations, expectations and desires and,what is more important, empathizing with them by reflecting their own values in the brand ones. We tend to think about millennials as a collective with a single and unique personality, but as it's true they share some similarities don't miss they all are different and must be treat as single ones for them to be part of a community.

Below we show you an Infographic of Carlos Monteiro on Adweek for you to get a clearer idea of how Millennials behave:

Carlos Monteiro

Friday, April 11, 2014

Online Branding

If a brand has no presence on the network, it does not exist. The brand is the soul and the promise to the consumer, so we have to create a holistic and multi-channel strategy that includes and integrates both social networking platforms such as online advertising for a brand to differentiate and position .

In Ampliffy we believe that to build an online reputation, and thus occupy a position in the minds of consumers, it is essential to get brand awareness so then it will be recognized and associated to a set of specific values. We must begin, therefore, understanding exactly who the consumer is and what its characteristics are, what moves and interests him to connect with him by providing the brand of content and meaningful , interesting , relevant and current messages.

Online branding is configured as a system that increases the level of user memory by giving voice to the brand. Appealing to the emotional factor is a very effective system and thanks to the technique of storytelling and a great creativity a brand can easily reach very high visibility to generate an immediate online reputation.

Below we show you a video from the Social Data Week of 2013 in New York in which are explained some of the best online branding campaigns:


Friday, April 4, 2014

Viral Content

Nowadays everyone is talking about the concept of viralization or viral content, but ¿what does really mean?
We can state that a viral content is the one that expands on the maximum number of online channels, very quickly, with  no effort and has the ability to reproduce by itself  only by a click.

To fulfill that a campaign or a content has a viral caracter we precise different factors: it needs to be with an interactive and atractive format (the best ones are the multimedia ones), it has to be in line with the current trends (so we can get more impact), it should possess an atractive, emotive and persuasive title (it is the first thing the user will catch his eye on), and must be entertaining  (must offer the user spends a nice time with information of its interest).

In Ampliffy we bet for the brands to create an “incredible” content, it means it provoques the user to feel fascinated, to get identified and be predisposed to share it with his friends. And this is among all the main objective of viral content.

Below we show you an infography of the platform Problogger that visually explains what really is viral marketing:

Impacting Young Audience

Interactivity, immediacy and freedom of speech. These are the three pillars that young audience appreciates in Internet advertising. It is desirable to opt for new advertising formats that are more interactive to influence the emotional sphere. Therefore, in Ampliffy we encourage to bet on branded content, display, viral marketing, pre – roll videos or contests in social networks, among others.

Internet has become the media star to reach young people who are saturated with conventional advertising and are attracted to the less intrusive formats that allow them to interact directly with the brand creating links and experiences. If the message is interesting and entertaining, they will be the firsts to share it with their circle of friends exerting as brand prescribers.

Young audience is increasingly using social networks and if a brand is able to establish a strong bond, the experience will become a shared virtual reality. Getting so, the user is receptive to advertising and then consume the content and  the products or services of the trademark.

Below we show you an infographic of Phonesheriff and PeekTab that explains how teenagers use Social Media:


Friday, March 28, 2014

Publishers's Opportunities

The new digital outlook gives Publishers great challenges but at the same time afford them the possibility to discover new opportunities to achieve more advertising inventory on the online market.

One of these opportunities is the market niche that is composed by young target, an audience that seek for fresher, more interactive and with major capacity response formats and that is very present on mobile devices. They are Digital natives that are informed by the latest news  and trends and use the newest Social Media; a proactive profile that looks for quality content and a real time interaction.

Impacting that target is a great opportunity for Publishers to get immediate and efficient results. In Ampliffy we offer various online platforms, that thanks to our integrated system of Big Data we help Publishers to achieve different segments with very diverse likes and behaviours,so they can go to them in a directly and quickly way. 

Below we show you an infographic of Community 102 that explains the interaction of the young audience on Social Media:


Ad Exchanges

In Ampliffy we bet for using Ad Exchanges, that is because they are currently the most effective way to achieve an online advertising exchange. They are platforms or virtual markets that both publishers and buyers (advertisers and agencies) meet to sell  and buy ad spaces. It is a point of encounter between the offer and the demand of the sector.

There are two typologies, private and public Ad Exchanges. The public ones allow free access to any seller or buyer and the private ones through an auction system they restrict its access to a number of publishers and advertisers or agencies.

The main benefits of this system are that it  improves the ROI with the content optimization, there is a centralyzed management and an absolut control of all the campaigns, a major flexibility when it comes to do budgets, more transparency than other systems and a high quality traffic.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Users's Interaction in Social Media

Years ago it was almost inconceivable that a consumer could connect with a brand at any time of the day, today is more than feasible thanks to Social Media. Brands, even more, must show they are proactive and mantain a relationship with its multiple users, they must answer the comments in real time, be publishing regularly content, generate relevant content to the user so he become predisposed to strike up a  conversation and show himself a reference to follow.

To increase levels of user interaction there are different indicators that help control it, among them are: the popularity the brand has on the different platforms from the number of followers, the quality and quantity of feedback, visibility, it means, the traffic that is generated after on the brand page or the increase of the sales and the influence and  the impact of the content to be generated.

In Ampliffy we bet that brands promote themselves the interaction with a tone and style according to the audience and with  a personalized content, so the user perceives a clear trust and feels well cared for. So the next step the user does is  to talk about his experience with his contacts generating BUZZ and WOM .

Below we show you an infographic of eCircle that explains how consumers interact with brands in Social Media:


Online Brand Awareness

The biggest challenge of a brand is that consumers talk well about it, and consequently, they buy or consume it. To achieve that, the most effective way is by getting a great awareness, presence and influence and what is more, in the online ecosystem.

There are multiple choices just to generate new opportunities, the ideal is to attract users with non convencional formats. If we opt for advertising  we must bet on viral content so it generates a bigger impact and all by the hand of the own user. But if we choose the creation of content we should give added value so the consumer takes part of a significant experience.

The most important factor of online brand awareness is that helps generating brand image and so we can establish a tighten bond with the users that are likely predisposed to know more about the news of the trademark. In Ampliffy, we firmly believe that efectiveness  lies on a continous awareness, it means that through constant impacts that are keept on our mind we configure an image and a memory that impulses to  purchase or to prescribe. 

Below we show you an infographic of Next agency that explains how to improve online brand awareness:


Friday, March 14, 2014

Content Marketing

In Ampliffy we fully trust on the consumer,"The client is the boss!", and to keep it loyal to a brand we should provide him added value, relevant content that captivates him and make him stop for a moment so consequently  he shares it on Social Media.

Content marketing should be referred to in any online marketing strategy and must be built from the own brand channels. It is a very beneficial tool that certainly maximizes the effects of WOM and consequently improves outcomes in brand image. To achieve this, you must know very well in what networks does the consumer surf and what tone, as a brand, you must take in order to provide him the content that suits his interests and concerns to gain him before he even have a first contact with the brand.

Its benefits are many: its cost is very low, it can reach a long life, provides differentiation from the competition,  increases online traffic, generates credibility and confidence to the consumer and helps to establish a closer link with the brand. Thanks to a strategy that is fully pull, the user is much more responsive and predisposed to consume this content and therefore get fully involved in it by himself.

Below we show you an infography of Content + that shows how is the Content Marketing composed:


Young Users's Loyalty

Young audience has turned directly into the online media, so to reach it and then keep it you have to use the online loyalty, the e-loyalty. This audience has become one of the most critical and better informed, so you have to surprise it and get fully involved to mantain it satisfied with a content adapted to its language, interests and its worldview.

In Ampliffy we care about what young people think, what drives them, what interests them and, to get this, the best way is to listen and maintain close, constant and direct contact with them. Every interaction is presented once so we must be cared for and reward it with immediacy.

Users of this age group seek new experiences and the best way to keep them is by offering entertainment with relevant and innovative content that appeals and impacts on the emotional factor. The value of satisfaction is priceless as they can then exercise its influence on the online community and contribute to the generation of Buzz. Here lies the importance of measuring results to analyze in detail what has been good driven or not, "the customer forgives but does not forget", so special care must be used in learning from mistakes and propose alternatives to always win the user trust.

Below we show you a video from Julie Spira, CEO of Social Media & More that gives us some advices of how to create brand loyalty on Social Media:


Friday, March 7, 2014

WOM in Social Media

Word of mouth or WOM has always been one of the most effective means of increasing brand awareness, but at the same time very difficult to analyze and control. Nowadays the online environment offers us the ability to keep track of what is said in social networks.

The main objectives of WOM are very clear: listen to consumers and aproach to them, create content of their interest, make them generate conversations with friends and share content and get feedback from them and create or strengthen the relationship between brand and user. This can be achieved by the collaboration between brand and consumer to generate web presence.

Currently, we can manage and control  social networks and what is said of a trademark in each one thanks to metrics. We have the ability to exhaustly target and head to forums or communities where consumers may be interested in our brand, who after may exercise as prescribers and recommend  a brand to their nearest, or we can know the identity of opinion leaders who speak or mention a brand. In Ampliffy we are aware that WOM has become one of the systems that gives more credibility and awareness; credibility , for the fact that is the direct experience transferred from a user and diffusion, because users can immediately access to that experience in any online portal.

Below we show you and infographic of WOMMA ( Word of Mouth Marketing Association) that compares both offline and online WOM:

Maximizing ROI in Young Audience

In Ampliffy we are aware of the importance of return on investment and, what is more, in social networks. Therefore we consider that the best way to get a good result is from an integrated strategy that includes impact from multiple devices.

This strategy should appeal to immediate proactive interaction, personalization and constant renewal of content, conferring major brand values ​​to enhance its image, make use of multimedia materials to motivate the self-interaction, create engaging and creative material, choose a cool, direct and casual tone that suits the audience and go for a simple, clear and concise content.

The brand must adapt to the needs and desires of the user. The consumer is more demanding with what he hear from the mouth of the trademarks, so if the brand wants to obtain benefits from him it first should endeavor to find out first what encourages him.

Below we show you an infographic of Zyncro that explains the most useful indicators for maximizing the ROI:

Friday, February 28, 2014

Buzz in Social Media

The consumer is no longer innocent, he expresses himself with great ease in the digital age and knows what he wants and what is interested on. In this scenario organises Buzz Marketing that helps the user not to look so skeptical and rely on the word of trademarks. Brands have to search for content that contains an idea or a simple and credible message with significant value so users get  involved and share it freely and spontaneously.

Previously, brands must select those users with a proactive profile within a forum or online community that act as opinion leaders and then establish a meticulous choice of channels where it is to spread the message by following an integrated and comprehensive strategy. This aims to generate conversations thanks to a media "hook" that, from a ripple effect, causes the viralisation of content and the brand presence.

The benefits we find in this practice in Ampliffy is that it helps to increase the awareness, presence and visibility. The content switfly spreads by networks bringing more credibility than conventional advertising, setting a clear brand positioning in the consumer's mind, and consequently increasing sales. Remember that the bottom line in any relationship is trust, and each time a user speaks well of a brand it takes advantage.

Below we show you an infographic of Social Reflexion that explains the Social Media effect produced by Buzz:


Data Suppliers

Volume, velocity and variety, those are the main pillars of Big Data. Big Data has become a must in the online advertising world and advertisers, even more, precise of more detailed and specific informations about their audience.

So there have appeared Data Suppliers, digital organs that are in charge of compile and sell data from anonymous identities to brands just to these ones can better focus their marketing objectives and then increase their brand value.

In Ampliffy we are conscious about the importance of knowing very well the core target, that is for discovering consumers’s insights is crucial to then arrive at them with interesting content and improve the digital formats. 

Below we show you an infographic of Monetate that explains the process from Big Data to personalization:


Friday, February 21, 2014

Online Impact

Social Media has been organized as the preferred media by brands to get awareness. But this new media, according to the time we are in, has acquired a great level of exigence and this have an effect on the brands‘s online strategies.

The trademark must take into account the realization of an strategy that combines and synchronyzes advertising online actions with social networks, with the purpose of increasing and strike up conversations between the net users in a natural and spontaneous way. If the brand creates personalyzed and correct messages for each target group it has much more possibilites that users get  identified and consequently get involved giving the content and the information a more wide dimension.

In Ampliffy we are convinced that to achieve a greater impact is better to use techniques with an emotional tone like the storytelling as they captivate more the user and for viral pieces that because of its own nature they will spread in all the virtual reality and obtain awareness and presence. 

Below we show you a video from Seraj Bharwani, Chief Analytics Officer at Visible Measures that explains the importance of storytelling:


Display for Young Audience

In Ampliffy we work with display advertising formats because when designing campaigns with high level of impact they are ideal thanks to the infinite range of creative possibilities. What is more, they also allow achieving brand awareness and online branding objectives.

The essential when creating a display campaign , and more aimed at a young audience, is the good choice of the media - address to as many media the target group could be in order to get more impacts- and a good dose of creativity. Bet on rich media is the best choice for its attractive and powerful character that can capture the attention of the net user and get a direct interaction .

The benefits presented are several, but the main ones are that its cost is quite low, it generates visibility and produces an image and positioning in the consumer's mind that helps that  after being impacted by advertising  he goes to the brand social networks to learn more in depth and generate conversation with other Internet users. So it is advisable that when you create the brand strategy this integrates all the display advertising  in its online platforms.

Below we show you a video from the internet marketing consultant Henry Bendik that explains how to improve the online sales with display advertising:


Friday, February 14, 2014

Online Young Audience

Digital natives or Millennials are the new generation, young people that is hiperconnected on the internet and access to the social networks by every device, they fussion the real life with the virtual one. It is the multitasking generation, it does not meet on the cafeterias it meet on the online sphere where there are groups and communities.

Social Media allows them to personalyze and customize its own space to show them as they are in the whole world. They don’t consider privacy, its purpose is to shout from the roof tops. They inspire about what they read on the blogs and let themselves advice by what it is said on forums or online communities and its purchase decisions are based on it: the advices and opinions of the virtual society.

In Ampliffy we know very well the young audience and we know by first hand that they are more predisposed to non convencional advertising. They extremely appreciate the added value content that entertain them, emotion them and offer a global and complete experience.

Below we show you an infographic by Flowtown that explains who are Millennials:

Online Experience

When it comes to purchase or consume a product once we asked our family or friends. Nowadays, due to the digital landscape we directly "google" the brand we are interested for and  we see the opinions of other users about it. This change of mind directly affects the process of buying, so the brand must be centered on the consumer, so he feels predisposed to choose it.

To achieve it, the trademark must first establish a strong Branding strategy provided with a stable reputation and, from here, it must always be aware of the user from a constant dialogue, offering real solutions in an immediate time and always remaining faithful to the brand values. It is basically to provide the user with all the necessary tools and information for him to be satisfied with the service and the attention.

In Ampliffy we are conscious that if the brand is capable of generating a positive online user experience, this will lead to a relationship that will trigger in an  habitual and repeated purchase and finally, in loyalty.

Below we show you a video from David Newberry, Group Marketing Office of Pitney Bowes in which he explains the importance of creating an online experience between consumer and brand:


Friday, February 7, 2014

Branded Content Videos for Young Audience

In Ampliffy we like to define Branded Content as a content of entertainment that show the attributes and values of  a brand to aproach to the consumer in a non intrusive way with the aim to streghten the relation between user and trademark. That way is the user himself who is looking for that content as is interested and have curiosity for it.

Branded Content formats are infinite: from multimedia, radio programs, blogs, apps, short stories... The ideal is to create in on the digital environment as it is the one that offers more possibilities and presents more flexibility when it comes to integrate the brand in a natural and memorable way. What characterizes this new advertising format is that is usually cheap, its purpose is to generate online presence and presence on the users’s mind to get durable relationships, it is very easy to share , so to become viral, it can be personalyzed, is the user who looks for it and its success lives on the emocional factor.

This last point is essencial because young users above all value that the speech is emocional, so the offer of buying gets on a second place. Achieving that, the brand relieves its character to the consumer and if he enjoys with the content he will become the responsible of ampliffying the message and giving it another dimension. 

Below we show you a video of Avi Savar, founder of Big Fuel,  that explains what is Branded Content and also our videos site  so you can watch some examples:


Data Management Platforms (DMP)

Data Management Platforms are unified platforms that alow the organisation and integration of information about any audience in any online, offline or mobile source. It is a system based in the user behaviour, its interests and its demographic profile.

All this data gives the brand the opportunity to deeply know its audience, as its insights, to then develop a more effective strategy that can be adapted with an ideal content. In Ampliffy we advice the brands to use that system so advertisers can predict users’s trends and know which medias are the most ideal and influents.

DMPs are a system that brings multiple benefits: a centralyzed audience and data, increases the productivity, there is a better management of campaigns, it can measure the costs and the brand influence and it is multichannel.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Synchronyze Comments in Social Media

In Ampliffy we got a question ¿what would happen if a brand had direct access and in real time to all that is commented about it in all social platforms? This was the beggining of the creation of an innovative system that allows the instant synchronization of the comments that appears on the different profiles and pages of a trademark. That way, each user can strike up and follow a conversation with another user that is on another network.

We are conscious of the huge change that new technologies have generated and so we have been adapted to the needs of brands and users. We consider that this method permits 3 big benefits: simplicity, inmediacy and the possibility to connect with every user in every platform and in every device.

2.0 society is defined for the absence of barriers, we all share and express with freedom with the intention that the entire world notices it. So ¿what a better way to interact about the experience of a brand with all the online community?

Supply Side Platforms (SSP)

SSP or Suply Side Platforms are online platforms that allow the optimisation and profitability of campaigns with the aim to monetyze the advertising inventary on the digital media. The purchasing process of online spaces is done thanks to an ad server that connect both advertisers and Publishers automatically and in real time.

The offers launched in SSPs depend on the advertiser audience, that through an exhaustive analysis,  they determine if the spaces are profitable according with the budget.

In Ampliffy we value the fact of having an exhaustive control of all the process, so SSPs are very useful as between its benefits are it covers an international market, the results are real and transparent and the selling strategies are done in real time.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Ampliffy Conversation

Social Media has become part of our daily lives and we access to them from multiple devices. We own our screen and that is where we express ourselves: we laugh, we share content with friends, we bother, we discuss experiences, we get alarmed, we remain indifferent and, we talk about brands.

The goal of Ampliffy is to ampliffy  the brand content that is mentioned on social networks. This is configured as the best vehicle to hear firsthand what customers think and what are their habits and likes to interact with them immediately and to focus on improving day by day. Different channels into one unified conversation so that the user is permanently interconnected with their circle of friends and share its brand interests with them.

We get on a changing environment heavily influenced by new technologies, and as well as every day brings new social platforms to meet the needs of users of free speech, Ampliffy moves to increase reputation, presence and influence of brands by an unifying system that helps to achieve the branding objectives .

Monetizing Online Traffic

Internet has become the media king to increase the income in a less cost than conventional media. It is  full of opportunities just brands can grow thanks to a bigger online and offline presence and impact. But when it comes to take profit of this new media, brands need to know very well the different platforms in which to invest and its working process, so they can adapt at its dynamic and choose a better focused message.

The models that monytorize the advertising inventory are very extensive, you can elect cpc, cpm, cpl, cpa, pcview, ppcall, ppvideo or pps depending on the marketing objectives. To get more benefits it is essential to opt for the formats that allows the net user to interact and so get better  informed on the brand in the different social networks to then share the content with its contacts, obtaining so a major number of potencial consumers.

In Ampliffy we offer a diversity of online platforms focused on a young target with very segmented characteristics and we bet for brands to choose display advertising, rich media, viral content, online videos like pre-roll ones or any format that is multimedia.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Data Exchanges

Data Exchanges are online markets in where the buying and selling process of information about consumers is done. This data is based on cookies, users IP or information that owns the publisher. There are different market models but the most frequent is by auction, through which each buyer determine the data value.

In Ampliffy we opt for this type of initiatives because they allow deeply know the insights of the multiple audiences and with that valuable information brands can arrive in a more effective way to its core target. 

Demand Side Platforms (DSP)

DSP or  Demand Side Platforms is a system that allows brands the centralization of ad impressions buying in different online platforms at the same time. Automatically, it identifies the best opportunities and rates according to the core target the brand is looking for. At the same moment it purchases all the available spaces until the budget is run out. The most habitual formats are display, video and mobile, it means all are purely multimedia.

In Ampliffy, the benefits we highlight are that it is an authomatic and swift process, there is a major control when it comes to manage the campaigns and the budget, it allows the brand to monitorize the invesment results in real time and see the progress and then it brings a better understanding of the interaction between user and brand. 

Below there is a video of UK IAB that visually explains all the process in the evolution of online display advertising:

Source: IAB UK -

Friday, January 10, 2014

Trading Desks

Trading Desks have become an effective system that alows the return of the advertising invesment with big warranties. It gives the possibility to advertisers to choose which specific target to get into through the buy and the sell of the advertising inventory in real time and in an auction model. This is possible thanks to the amount of Big Data that we can access to in only few seconds, getting so the opportunity to control and monetyze the information of the audience.

In Ampliffy we take into account that the main benefits are that it permits to access to a major inventary with a cheaper price, it brings more profitability to the brand so it can have a constant control by itself, it is a more effective an automathized process thanks to an integral management and it exists a real time optimization of each impression that is done in all the platforms.

Sales Houses

Sales Houses are in charge of directly and exclusively sell the advertising spaces in the digital environment. Their main function is to identify and segment the relevant audience that every advertiser needs to reach its marketing objectives through the ROI.

Sales Houses are a single point of access of a wide net of platforms that integrate personalized multichannel solutions, so they permit brands to choose the most related audience platforms.

In Ampliffy the benefits we highlight are that these organs allow a major control and monitorization, they offer a brand safe enviroment, they achieve direct response conversions thanks to a predictive optimization, they monetyze the advertising inventory and they maximize the campaigns exposure.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Young Audience Big Data

We live surrounded by what is called Big Data, huge amounts of information which we have direct access from every device. Trying to manage these volume of contents has become a hard work, but thanks to prediction models we have the chance to make more right decissions.

In Ampliffy we put at disposal our Artificial Intelligence platform based on Big Data. We give special importance to the fact of deeping on the young audience insights, its behaviour, likes, hobbies and how does it interact with the brands so later one these ones can focus more precisely their online strategy and achieve their goals adapting their contents.

The access in real time of information alows us to discover how the young target thinks and acts and that helps when it comes to create experiences by the brands. If we take profit of this opportunity we can take advantage to any content that net users can expect.

Below we show you an infographic of Kapow that explains which are the different sources to obtain Big Data:

Audience Networks

Audience Networks are those whose its main function is to offer advertisers online platforms with very specific audiences based in different segmentation criterias.

The principal segmentations they present are by behaviour, demographic and psychographic profile, by emotional patterns o by determinated buying intentions.

In Ampliffy we put at disposal of advertisers a wide variety of targeted platforms under these criteria, that generates both brand and user meet on the same point and start interacting in a direct and quick way.

Below we show you a video from the UK IAB that explains how does the behavioural advertising works:

Source: IAB UK -

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We Are Ready in Ampliffy!

Ampliffy is a technology company with its headquarters in Barcelona that enables Publishers to synchronize user comments between their websites and the social media in which they have a presence. Its goal is to increase website traffic and improve monetization of Publishers' content. Ampliffy has developed a Big Data-based AI platform to generate predictive models for real-time decision-making about its Advertisers' promotional investments and goals, with a twofold objective in mind: to achieve the best results for Advertisers and to maximize Publishers' revenues.

Ampliffy provides value for Publishers and online Advertising Buyers by offering in-depth knowledge of young audiences (ages +14-35) whose comments are synchronized on the company's technology platform. We know our audience and understand how to define its profiles: this enables us to sell our Publishers' advertising inventory more efficiently and fulfill all our Advertisers' online marketing needs. 

Contact us and we'll tell you more about how we can work together!