Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Users's Interaction in Social Media

Years ago it was almost inconceivable that a consumer could connect with a brand at any time of the day, today is more than feasible thanks to Social Media. Brands, even more, must show they are proactive and mantain a relationship with its multiple users, they must answer the comments in real time, be publishing regularly content, generate relevant content to the user so he become predisposed to strike up a  conversation and show himself a reference to follow.

To increase levels of user interaction there are different indicators that help control it, among them are: the popularity the brand has on the different platforms from the number of followers, the quality and quantity of feedback, visibility, it means, the traffic that is generated after on the brand page or the increase of the sales and the influence and  the impact of the content to be generated.

In Ampliffy we bet that brands promote themselves the interaction with a tone and style according to the audience and with  a personalized content, so the user perceives a clear trust and feels well cared for. So the next step the user does is  to talk about his experience with his contacts generating BUZZ and WOM .

Below we show you an infographic of eCircle that explains how consumers interact with brands in Social Media:

Source: www.ecircle.com 


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