Friday, April 11, 2014

Online Branding

If a brand has no presence on the network, it does not exist. The brand is the soul and the promise to the consumer, so we have to create a holistic and multi-channel strategy that includes and integrates both social networking platforms such as online advertising for a brand to differentiate and position .

In Ampliffy we believe that to build an online reputation, and thus occupy a position in the minds of consumers, it is essential to get brand awareness so then it will be recognized and associated to a set of specific values. We must begin, therefore, understanding exactly who the consumer is and what its characteristics are, what moves and interests him to connect with him by providing the brand of content and meaningful , interesting , relevant and current messages.

Online branding is configured as a system that increases the level of user memory by giving voice to the brand. Appealing to the emotional factor is a very effective system and thanks to the technique of storytelling and a great creativity a brand can easily reach very high visibility to generate an immediate online reputation.

Below we show you a video from the Social Data Week of 2013 in New York in which are explained some of the best online branding campaigns:


Friday, April 4, 2014

Viral Content

Nowadays everyone is talking about the concept of viralization or viral content, but ¿what does really mean?
We can state that a viral content is the one that expands on the maximum number of online channels, very quickly, with  no effort and has the ability to reproduce by itself  only by a click.

To fulfill that a campaign or a content has a viral caracter we precise different factors: it needs to be with an interactive and atractive format (the best ones are the multimedia ones), it has to be in line with the current trends (so we can get more impact), it should possess an atractive, emotive and persuasive title (it is the first thing the user will catch his eye on), and must be entertaining  (must offer the user spends a nice time with information of its interest).

In Ampliffy we bet for the brands to create an “incredible” content, it means it provoques the user to feel fascinated, to get identified and be predisposed to share it with his friends. And this is among all the main objective of viral content.

Below we show you an infography of the platform Problogger that visually explains what really is viral marketing:

Impacting Young Audience

Interactivity, immediacy and freedom of speech. These are the three pillars that young audience appreciates in Internet advertising. It is desirable to opt for new advertising formats that are more interactive to influence the emotional sphere. Therefore, in Ampliffy we encourage to bet on branded content, display, viral marketing, pre – roll videos or contests in social networks, among others.

Internet has become the media star to reach young people who are saturated with conventional advertising and are attracted to the less intrusive formats that allow them to interact directly with the brand creating links and experiences. If the message is interesting and entertaining, they will be the firsts to share it with their circle of friends exerting as brand prescribers.

Young audience is increasingly using social networks and if a brand is able to establish a strong bond, the experience will become a shared virtual reality. Getting so, the user is receptive to advertising and then consume the content and  the products or services of the trademark.

Below we show you an infographic of Phonesheriff and PeekTab that explains how teenagers use Social Media: