Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Millennials are not aliens: How to reach them

Lots of companies believe that they should plan a huge strategy to stay connected with Millennials. These young people are used to be tagged but in reality they are able to be reasonable and normal people. 

Jason Feifer shows us how to talk to Millenials in a easy way. Normally, brands design complex plans to reach this target. Sometimes, those strategies are not interesting to you because you could waste a lot of money.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The relationship between Generation C and the online video

The online video consumption is rising up unavoidable. Even though, Millennials is the target which consume more and more these videos, we can establish a new target called "Generation C". This generation is characterized by people who are in the following age range, 13-54 years old and their behaviour is based on the 4 C ´S: Creation, Connection, Community and Curation.

A lot of people are part of this content generation, for that reason, companies should create an interesting content, therefore,  the Gen C will maintain a bidirectional coversations with the brands. It is important to know that this target prefer the video format than another format.

Why is it relevant to create video content? Because these people want to consume that. They are used to create content and they expect  these brands create interesting information and creative videos. If they like or love your content, they will become prescribers and hence, influencers. This is the key of the success because the potential customers believe in the users opinions more than the companies information.

What should a brand do to reach this target?

  1. First of all, a brand should know that the king of the formats is the video. Multimedia content are more attractive and allows to nurture the campaings with a better creativity.
  2. The content should be like water, this means, it have to ve adapted to all the screens. For example, It is common to find websites and microsites which are not adapted to the mobile screen, this is a mistake because makes difficult the user's navigation hurting the brand image.
  3. If you create a video, you will have to put tags, that is really good because you are going to improve your SEO.
  4. Your videos should be in the main platforms which are visited by your clientes or potential customers.

Source: SMBP

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Millennials, the 'it' generation every company wants

"This is a generation that’s really grown up connected… So companies understand that they really need to be present and connect with their consumers... in ways that they hadn’t before", says Lindsay Drucker Mann, vice president in Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs. Millennials are way much more than an exigeant and numerous generation, they are future and so they are the central focus of many companies.

Its 'modus operandi' is always the same: they get informed, they buy and then they share.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Millennials are changing the way we work

Millenials have routinely been accused of being everything narcissistic and socially inept, moreover, they are hard to be managed, in fact"they are killing the middle manager". For that reason Millennials are changing the way to work in the companies.

Millenials are used to obtain information and advices through the Internet and they don´t understand why an advice from its boss is going to be better than the information from the Internet.

Monday, December 21, 2015

The 4 main priorities of buyers and publishers

Buyers and publishers should be a good team to offer to the customers and clients a quality advertising and to launch it in a interesting formats to attract their attention. For that, companies try to adappt their brand to the market trends and they use their resources to improve their quality circle and at the same time, publishers try to monetize the buyer's investment in different channels in order to provide a better user experience.

Last years, the advertiser's and publisher's priorities have changed and there are four main areas which are interesting for them to invest. These four keys are: 
  1. Viewability
  2. Audience Data
  3. Premium Video
  4. Opportunities in Mobile

For the moment, there are not a standar measure to determine the viemability of an action or campaing but there are tools to measure it. This area is the most important for the buyers because is a way to see their ROI.

Audience Data
It is very important to reach your potential audience who is interested in your products and services. If you handle quality data you will be able to addapt your messages to that audience in order to reach your marketing and sales objectives.

Premium Video
Companies are more interested in video formats because video consumption is increasing more than last years. A good video campaing is characterized by 30' time and a quality of more than 500 pixels. Remarkably, nowadays, Outstream videos are more attractive for companies than other formats.

Opportunities in Mobile
The mobile investment is increasing  incredibly. In fact, users are becoming more additcs to these devices and this is a good new for buyers, because mobile  is the new way to engage with its audience.

Fuente: Aol.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Are Millenials prepared for today's world?

Millenials is the generation which is changing the world. Baby Boomers had different ways to socialized than Millenials. Gen Y is more liberal than the others generations and they have different ways to think.

In this video, you can see the evolution between generations and the main characteristics which define Millenials generation.

Millennials and the myths they have to deal with

This generation has been one of the most analized generations in those last years. Gen Y is on the Internet, companies started to be interested in them when they realised that Millennials are in social media all the time. Moreover, they are involved in a lot of myths.

Brad Harrington, the executive director of Boston College Center for Work & Family, decided to make a survey to 1.100 professional Millenials in order to belie all those myths. This study denied the next 8 myths:

Myth 1: Millenials want to change their jobs constantly
Everyone thinks that Millennials want to change their job for another job in a short time and this fact is not true. A 60% prefer to maintain their job.

Myth 2: Prefer technology than people
They prefer to work with their team through the Internet because it is a quick way to communicate each other.

Myth 3: Their parents are involved in their decisions
This is totally a lie, they are able to take a decision without the influence of their parents.

Myth 4:They follow the gender roles
Currently, there are more men willing to stay at home without a job than women, if their couple gain a good salary.

Myth 5:They don't work hard
Millennials prefer to have more responsability in their jobs and to take challenges.

Myth 6: Their carreer is the tool to measure their success
They have to have time for their family, in fact, they are willing to refuse a job if they cannot have time for their social life.

Myth 7: They have more social awareness
In the survey, we could see that this is not the most important fact for them.

Myth 8: They refuse the commitment
Generation Y doesn't refuse the commitment. They usuale don't get married or buy a house because of economic problems.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Introducing Gen C, more than one age group

GeneraciĆ³n C is the name we use to define this group of people which are connected to new technologies. In fact, they grew up at the same time technology progressed. This group of people are really interested to know about the brands and to contact with companies. The rules have changed, currently, the companies have to tell an story to them, because this target expect to be identified with the vision and mision of one brand.

For example, Etsy, a trading company, has reached the main goal which is to understand the needs of this generation adapting its website to them. That's why, the owners belong to this generation, they implemented a great strategy to solve their customer's problems directly through online workshops.

This generation have different characteristics to consider in your strategy if you want to connect with them: 
  1. Gen C is involved with social media, they talk to companies through blogs, forums and social networks.
  2. As a brand, you have to peer your social networks to answer your clients questions at the moment, the goal is to solve their problems instantly.
  3. They are active consumers, actually, after seeing a commercial on Youtube or in another channel, they go on to buy that product.
  4. Gen C is so passionate, if they like a brand, they want to find subscribers who will join a comunity around the brand.
  5. This target, consume video a lot, a 76% visit Youtube weekly and a 36% daily.
  6. They are not pasive users, they usually create contents to share it in social media. This is a great infographic about how many times, Gen C creates content at least once a month: 

Source: ThinkWithGoogle

Monday, December 7, 2015

Millennials and the idea they have of themselves

This video shows the image Millennials have of themselves. They describe their generetion in a sarcastic and realistic way "I am a Millennial and I am sorry".  They make a comparision with Baby Boomers generation and explain the behaviour of this group of people.

Monday, November 30, 2015

How Millennials buy?

The way to buy is changing because confidence has grown in buying online. In the case of Millennials, smartphones, are their main tool to buy. They find there a huge advantages, for example, they can compare prices instantly and they can buy in their home without having to go to stores. Moreover, Invoca has published an study which shows a 76% of young people is addicted to their smartphone and another study, Mitek y Zogby, shows 87% of Millenials carry their smartphone constantly.

Generation Y has introduce mobile in their lifes and they use it to do a lot of activities. In fact, they ensure that they feel more comfortable buying through smartphones. Another tendency is to use Apps to buy products or services, this is because of the format, a majority of the Webs does not their format adapted to these devices.

Christmas is a good time to study spending habits and Wanderful Media has determined that a 73% of consumers are going to use the mobiles to buy and 9 to 10 Millennials will buy by eCommerce. All this data are important to know that smartphones is the best way to connect with this generation.

Source: JuiceBox

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Millennials and their romance with technology

Millennials are checking their smartphones all the time. People say that Millennials have a problem with the technology because they are not able to live without their devices.

Actually, It is true, Millennials build relationships through social networks and they are waiting for "likes". Moreover, life is different than years ago, for example, jobs have changed and now,  the trend is to work in jobs which are located in technological areas.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Millennials and their 100 top brands

Millennials are an important target group, because it is huge and tend to buy via online. A recent market study run out for the company called "Ad agency Moosylvania". They asked questions over 3,500 people between 20 to 35 years old. This ranking is based on the quality of the online engagement between Millennials and brands, that is , how brands make interesting online strategies for them.

This ranking has 100 famous brands, for example, at the top, there are the following companies:

1. Apple.
2. Nike.
3. Samsung.
4. SONY.
5. Microsoft.

What have this brands done to be in that place? Because they are combined online tools and advertising Above The Line supported by their good image in the market.

Apple is innovating every year and their communication allows to connect with their target creating brand lovers. Apple make a subtle advertising through their shops and their desings. Moreover, this year, they are focusing on iWach with a great advertising.
Nike makes Millennials thing, sports are healthy and Millenials think that at the same time. Nike provides them the best technology into their clothes and create communities around the sport via online.
Samsung is a competitive brand because they provides to the market the last technology, their Samsung's Galaxy phones and tablets are a well-known products and popular with young people.
SONY invests music, gaming, photo and technology business and that is their strenght.
The last one is Microsoft which expend a lot of money to improve  the cloud computing, mobile apps and holographic computing.

Source: Moosylvania

Monday, November 16, 2015

Why the Millennials are an interesting target?

The Millennials are an attractive target for all the companies, because they are the generation that have grown up using the Internet. Moreover, in this year, their consumption has risen up incredibly, especially in online purchases. This generation represent a huge advantage unlike other generations, about their higher level of confidence in Ecommerce, in fact, they prefer to buy online than in a shop.

The economic impact which is caused by them, is enormous and positive. Millennials are a public used to consume technology and built relationships through this media. When the Internet appeared in the scene, the young audience took the power and they started to give opinions about brands. Actually, They  demand quality to the companies directly and they are always waiting for a feedback by companies.

Why not take this opportunity? they are a generation who like show their preferences, and this is a huge opportunity for a company because they can target better their audience, improve their customer care and finally, correct the defects of its products and services. Ampliffy, knows this, for that reason We offer you the possibility to hit this target efficiently.

Source: Nielsen

Friday, November 13, 2015

What should You do to increase your Millennials target?

To reach the main goal which is to connect effectively with  Millennials, you have to go beyond the simple use of social media and traditional advertising. You should publish quality information and your brand have to be attractive for your target. For example, one key to attract a young audience, is the usability. Your APPs, Websites and social networks have to be easy to use and people should enjoy their navigation through your platforms.

Another key is talk to your costumers in "their language" depending on each social network. Twitter is a great sharing information platform because its structure allows that. This social network is a good option to share memes or gifs because of their humoristic content and viral aspects.

Facebook is a non-intrusive way to share your commercials, in fact, people feel comfortable seeing ads in this platform. In addition, Facebook is a good deal if you want to redirect the audience to your company links or another corporative social networks.

Linkedin and Google + are profesional platforms, is like a community of profesional workers. These platforms are great to improve your positioning on Google and to attract external traffic to your Website.

Summarizing, It is good to know which kind of audience are in each social network to connect with quality customers. For that reason, you have to be close to them and interact constantly to focus on your problems to resolve as soon as posible the problems of your clients.

Font: Survey Crest

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The habitat of the Millennials: Social Networks

60% of the Millennials usually look for companies in social networks such as Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook... These kind of customers are more powerful in the market than years ago. Internet is a great tool for young people because through social media, they share information, talk with their friends about right or wrong actions of companies.

It is unavoidable, if you want to be in the market and to be interesting for young people, you should use social media. It is crucial to be there, because if  you do not consider a complaint, those clients are going to have a bad image of your company. You should be adapted to this new market, in order to have feedback with your target and to resolve their problems instantly.

The Internet opens the door to amazing advertising, allows you to segment effectively and to monetize your money. In a digital campaing, advertising have to be adapted to these social networks because Millennials have said "Advertisement on Facebook worth because It is not intrusive, nevertheless, Youtube advertising videos interrupt our navigation", for that reason, they do not like commercials in this platform, perhaps, It is due to commercials are the same than commercials on television, for that reason, are unattractive.

Here, you can see the key, to be successful when you launch marketing videos:

Font: Social Media Impact

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Inbound Marketing, the art of the bidirectional communication

When it comes to Inbound Marketing, Ampliffy knows where is the young target. The answer is, they are using social networks. Why is It interesting Inbound Marketing? Because this marketing technique came up as a need to adapt business to the global market.

Social networks and social media are an interesting communication way, because those tools allow us to launch an interactive and bidirectional communication with our potencial costumers or clientes. In addition, your social networks mean a greater visibility for your business, an improvement of your brand reputation and a better customer service, if you know how to control your SMO (social media optimization). Here we tell you somo of the Inbound Marketing keys:

Update your content and publish attractive posts.

Tell your target to share your post through hashtags and contest.

Control the feedback and answer your target quick and efficiently.

Take care of your loyal users and influencers.

Dont hesitate, Inbound Marketing is the new way to connect with a young audience effectively.


Monday, October 26, 2015

The new agent of change: augmented reality

When it comes to augmented reality we cannot avoid speaking about young target. This people are connected to their devices the whole time. Why not to use the augmented reality to connect with those customers? A lot of companies have realized of the potential of this new marketing tool.

New APPS have emerged based on augmented reality and have been used for devices such as Smartphones or tablets and below the line marketing campaigns. Those actions and APPS allow the advertisers to use a new technology as a competitive advantage and It is perfect to build a good relationship with potential customers and clients.

Therefore, in the future we will see spectacular marketing campaigns due to augmented reality because It is being adapted to any device or ad space and does not involve a huge cost. As you can see, many companies like Pepsi have already used this amazing tool in traditional marquees. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Transmedia for Interacting with the User

There is a widespread belief  that Cross Media and Transmedia techniques are similar, but nothing further from reality. While Cross Media refers to the process that revolves around storytelling through different platforms and thanks to it the story makes sense; Transmedia gets a differentiating element: the platforms are independent and do not need access to all content for understanding the story.

  But what is Transmedia? We could define it as a narrative process of a brand that intentionally decides to divide its content across multiple platforms or channels to arouse curiosity and interest of the user. However, despite being from different fragments housed in various media, the viewer can understand the story just watching one of them and then decide whether to consume other content and in which order.

  Thus, this technique is ideal to connect and interact with users and can be used in sites, television, social networks and even in video games or books. However, to ensure good effectiveness is required a good strategy that includes creating a unique experience to the consumer who will encourage him to participate and be  involved in the content creation.

Below we show you a video of the agency Draftfcb that explains what is Transmedia:

Source: Draftfcb

Friday, January 23, 2015

Storytelling: The Key of a Great Branded Content

Storytelling and Branded Content are the "trending topic" of the moment, the ying and yang that harmonize and complement the brand new content. To get interest and loyalty of users, they first have to captivate and so the best technique to achieve it is to combine storytelling (telling a story that excites and empathizes) and branded content (providing new, more interactive and less intrusive creative formats). 

This merger will get a much stronger emotional bond that also will build trust. It is thanks to the storytelling the user feels part of a story and is much more responsive and proactive, a key fact that helps the advertiser to get closer to their followers and thus make him able to offer a personalized experience. However, this requires understanding the motivations of consumers very well and adapt the brand and link to content provided with an emotional incentive and not rational one.

Branded Content alone can be and can get very good results but if this is added a good story that encompasses the feelings of the user and the values of the brand, we will be infront of an invincible content. And what is more important, to ensure success we always need to keep in mind at all times, the point of view of the consumer and coherence between creativity and philosophy and brand values. 

Below we show you a video from IAB Spain called “Storytelling, del Branded Content al Transmedia”:


Source: IAB Spain

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Branded Content Possibilities

Having a story to explain is the initial phase of any Branded Content. Brands want to connect with their users but the question is, how to reach them in an effective way and with which they would feel comfortable, participant and interested? Branded Content has evolved so that today is much more than to present an entertaining content to be consumed: it is an alive content that contains values and shared emotions.

An alternative increasingly common for both large and small advertisers, since the key is not in the investment or the cost but on the creativity and on the skill to hit and empathize with the public. Everything revolves around the experience to not to sell as the main objective, but entertain and generate sales on long medium - term. The main thing is  the public generates a positive image of the brand that will generate confidence and will be placed in their top of mind with different contents that appeal and move to consume and share.

Sharing is another "must" Branded Content, because good content must lead his own viralizaciĆ³n to reach its audience and contribute to its success and gaining notoriety transmiting values. And there is no right way, the Branded Content may include any content and take multiple formats, so its effectiveness lies with good adhesion by the public.

Below we show you a video of Daniel Casa that talks about the current situation of the Branded Content in Spain:     

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Branded Content or the Future of Advertising

Branded Content was created to respond to all those users looking for entertaining and useful content that do not bother them or are considered as intrusive. A new trend that involves the creation and funding of a content of a brand that can take different formats: from a video, a blog or a message on social networks. Effectiveness and low cost are the main advantages why every day more advertisers are encouraged to opt for a more consumer-friendly advertising.

Users leverage any time to drop, so Branded Content has become the perfect formula to encourage them to consume content that may be of their interest appealing the emotional fact. One of the best techniques to achieve medium-term benefits that also contributes to the reputation and brand positioning, facts that influence to create engagement with the user .

Another aspect which positions the Branded Content as a method that will supplant the current advertising is its quality and its use in transmedia strategies. It is usually personalized content that is designed exclusively for a specific audience that gives them added value. Definitely it is part of creating an entertainment experience that favors the message and the story, leaving benefits apart or attributes of a product or service.

Below we leave an infographic of IAB Spain in which they explain us in detail what is Branded Content and which formats, types and benefits can adopt:

Source: IAB Spain