Monday, February 29, 2016

Millennials leave their countries to find new opportunities

In Spain, Millennials have always said to emigrate to succeed in the workplace. The current economic cirisis has been suffocating many countries and for this reason these young people leave to find new opportunities. The main destination for Millennials are the United States.

Millennials and college grads are reshaping and revitalizing a lot of nation’s metropolitan areas from coast to coast of de USA. Millennials are not only shaping the Digital Age, but they are also playing a key role in economic development as they relocate to a huge variety of cities. This shift is propelling big-name brands to relocate as well in order to grab ahold of these young and talented individuals.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Digitized Millennial society

Nowadays we're in a world that seems to be normal. But if we compare how we live now with how we'd lived years before, we would turn crazy. We aren't conscious enough that technology is really changing our lives gradually. 

People talking on the phone, listening to music with headphones, chatting on WhatsApp, recording a video to make a funny Snapchat, filtering photos on Instagram ... We've changed, we're now Millennials. And that's why we're all the time looking at the phone, and we have forgotten the sunshine, the birds and the breeze. 

Anyway, the truth of this is that there are some evidences to prove this fact. In the world we live 7.210 billion of people, and 3.010 billion are active internet users. With this figures, we can conclude that the Internet is not only for a few segment of the population because this number shows us that there are a lot more of users in the Internet than we thought.
Another fact that we must underline is that 1.685 billions have an active mobile account. This is a lot of people, and there are lots of apps that they're using everyday of the day during every hour of the day.

This is why society is digitizing, and everything will be involved with technology, the Internet, applications and filters. 

Source: Mobkii

Monday, February 8, 2016

Millennials and the most important asset of a company, loyalty

The most important thing for a company is the client's loyalty and when it comes to Millennials we should talk about content marketing, in order to focus on interesting content for this target. A research made by Newscred reveals that generation Y has a good perception of content marketing, a 62% ensure  to be loyal to brands that have a good content strategy. 

This generation is one of the most attractive generations for brands. Normally, Companies have problems to understand this target when they purchase something, for example.  A 32% percents of young people think that brands don't have the right content on their Websites and this is a critical fact.

A lot of companies have adopted this kind of marketing, and the have generated a lot of information a content. For example, the corporative blogs are in a Website to improve its SEO but that content is a mess. This target value quality more than quantity and for that reason, you have to show your content properly. 

The information should be ordered and tagged, moreover, it should be visual. Millennials are people used to peer the Websites and they usually focus on the specific data. The best way to engage with them is to use infographics and audiovisual content.

Source: Content Plus

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Millennials are the new face of travel

Millennials travel many times more per year than other age groups. This is due to two reasons. Mainly, it is because their ability to find low prices and various offers through internet. With just a click they are able to find anything.

Also, "Easy traveler" is an opportunity to know the world and to take a break. The world have never seen one generation to travel as much as the Millennials before, and this is not because of its economic wealth, it is due to its ability to find cost savings in time and at the right time.