Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sharing Economy for Millennials

The collaborative economy, a concept that has been enhanced in these generation, is the main tool with which the millennials are changing the way they consume and share products and services. Taking by surprise the traditional system and innovating with digital platforms and collaboration between people, this trend is adopted in more and more industries.

Rent a flat with AirBnB, share journeys by car whit BlaBlaCar, buy some second hand products with Wallapop or even find a couple in Tinder are perfect examples of how this trend affects everyday life and requires a change of mind in the rules and people of actual societies to benefits all the sectors.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

5 Ways to Keep Millennials Consumers Happy

We know that millennials are not an easy audience to engage, thats why, our next steps once you have reach them and get their attention, it should focus on providing them some value to keep them interested. To do this we must know what their preferences are and avoid formats which generate a rejection of our brand and content generated.

What are the characteristics you should follow to be its favourite brand and attract them through your messages?

1. Useful and affordable products and services

Exist a solution for every problem, that's why you shoul offer to them solve any of their needs and an affordable option for their pockets, can be the beginning of a strong relationship between them and your brand.

2. An integrated costumer experience

Nobody likes to spend a lot of time looking for something or trying to learn how it works and that happens specially with this generation, so its important to take into account the user experience focused on the consumer, understanding how the user behaves during the purchase process, generating a sense of satisfaction in them and that means, probably, they will return again.

3. A brand loyalty program

Have an extra value proposition through discounts or loyalty programs in addition offering a quality product and excellent after-sales care are actions that keep alive the interest of your young consumers.

4. Engage them via social networks

If a brand have not presence in their favorite social networks it is much more complicated stay in the top of mind of  Millennials audience so start a conversation with them and appear in their timelines can help you to get engaged users.

5. A mobile access

Giving the ease of being constantly awaring of new products or promotions about our brand it is the best way to keep the Millennials interest and that is the best way to achieve them that through mobile notifications.

Source: cossales.com & deborahshannetoolbox.com

Millennials raising their voices

We already know that the Millennial generation is ready to get actively involved in the decisions of their country. An example of this is the reaction they have had of the recent results about the referendum made in the UK about leave or stay in the European Union, demostrating that the majority are not agree..

Millennials blame older generation for voting to leave and stole their future but they know that their attitude and their power across manifestations that it shown repeatedly through social networks can change the course of this decision or get a better social conditions for them.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

What the Millennials think about 2016 USA election

The world around is the world that are responsible for change, thats why it is not uncommon to see members of the Millennial Generation especially concerned by the political changes experienced in their society. Nowadays, USA elections are nearby and the middle point of members in this generation is ready to vote and choose the direction of their country. 

The way of how presidential elections make them feel can be describe in one word. Some of them have their own opinion, some of them are agree or disagree about the politicians, and some of them really want a change. This generation has the power of change the ways how the world works and they know it.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Do you know who the Millennials are but, could you identify the different identities within this group?

Millennials are those born between 1980 and 1995. Marketers have categorized those born at this time, also known as Generation Y or the Millennium Generation, as people with an academic degrees, who wait longer to leave their parents' house, and who reject the values of the previous generation (X) better known as the baby boomers. They declare themselves as politically independent thanks to the easy access to information that the democratization of the Internet led.  

The most interesting thing of Millennials is that they are classified as "Digital Natives". This is because they grew up in an environment of technological development and mastered the use of devices connected to the Internet. Their conversations are multi-device and multi-channel, which makes them capable of multitasking. They are considered apps lovers and they have a very social nature (social networks).  

But the most common mistake marketers make, is to group all this generation within common characteristics as discussed above. Indeed, there are different types of millennials and therefore different possibilities to approach them. Among the most common are:

Source: Contently