Friday, September 9, 2016

The Millennial Whoop

Surely you've heard it more than once in any of the lyrics of the favorite singers of this generation because it is seen as a trend in the world of music. The Whoop Millennial is a sequence of notes bearing the same pace. It includes the phoneme "O" combined in a specific pattern to form a sound like "Wa-wa-oh-oh".

This repeated rythm on several songs even of different artists creates a sense of familiarity that helps to increase the popularity of the theme.

Have you come to mind a song with this sound?

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Do you know the Z Generation behaviour?

Generation Z is a generation which has grown up using mobile devices. The Internet and the content influence them when it comes of behaviour, in addition the  formats they are used to see, has changed a lot these recent years.

So in this generation the rules are constantly changing. has made a deep analysis to understand how we could interact with them and integrate new ways of communication specially made for them.

This study shows us a notable preference to consume formats on streaming or media formats on demand via PC and mobile rather than television being a 3% of the total.

It also shows the ability of multitasking that have developed through the multiscreen, being able to see a video, updating their social networks, checking their email or the latest news.

Knowing this and understanding each new format as well as the time they spend using new technologies, it is an essential  key to adapt the company messages to the market.


The keys to understand Generation Z

The Generation Z have specific characteristics which we must learn. Despite being very similar to Millennials, this generation this generation use online formats coexisting with the digital enviroment.

Discovering the keys to generate clear and direct messages, catching their attention, you will avoid losing them, in fact, Its really important to know about its consumer behaviour to offer them the right content.