Tuesday, March 30, 2021

What Should You Do to Increase Your Millennials Target?

To reach the main goal which is to connect effectively with  Millennials, you have to go beyond the simple use of social media and traditional advertising. You should publish quality information and your brand have to be attractive for your target. For example, one key to attract a young audience, is the usability. Your APPs, Websites and social networks have to be easy to use and people should enjoy their navigation through your platforms.

Another key is talk to your costumers in "their language" depending on each social network. Twitter is a great sharing information platform because its structure allows that. This social network is a good option to share memes or gifs because of their humoristic content and viral aspects.

Facebook is a non-intrusive way to share your commercials, in fact, people feel comfortable seeing ads in this platform. In addition, Facebook is a good deal if you want to redirect the audience to your company links or another corporative social networks.

Linkedin and Google + are professional platforms, is like a community of professional workers. These platforms are great to improve your positioning on Google and to attract external traffic to your Website.

Summarizing, It is good to know which kind of audience are in each social network to connect with quality customers. For that reason, you have to be close to them and interact constantly to focus on your problems to resolve as soon as posible the problems of your clients.

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Thursday, March 25, 2021

How Millennials buy?

The way to buy is changing because confidence has grown in buying online. In the case of Millennials, smartphones, are their main tool to buy. They find there a huge advantages, for example, they can compare prices instantly and they can buy in their home without having to go to stores. Moreover, Invoca has published an study which shows a 76% of young people is addicted to their smartphone and another study, Mitek y Zogby, shows 87% of Millennials carry their smartphone constantly.

Generation Y has introduce mobile in their life and they use it to do a lot of activities. In fact, they ensure that they feel more comfortable buying through smartphones. Another tendency is to use Apps to buy products or services, this is because of the format, a majority of the Webs does not their format adapted to these devices.

Christmas is a good time to study spending habits and Wanderful Media has determined that a 73% of consumers are going to use the mobiles to buy and 9 to 10 Millennials will buy by eCommerce. All this data are important to know that smartphones is the best way to connect with this generation.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Millennials And Their 100 Top Brands

Millennials are an important target group, because it is huge and tend to buy via online. A recent market study run out for the company called "Ad agency Moosylvania". They asked questions over 3,500 people between 20 to 35 years old. This ranking is based on the quality of the online engagement between Millennials and brands, that is , how brands make interesting online strategies for them.

This ranking has 100 famous brands, for example, at the top, there are the following companies:

1. Apple.
2. Nike.
3. Samsung.
4. SONY.
5. Microsoft.

What have this brands done to be in that place? Because they are combined online tools and advertising Above The Line supported by their good image in the market.

Apple is innovating every year and their communication allows to connect with their target creating brand lovers. Apple make a subtle advertising through their shops and their designs. Moreover, this year, they are focusing on iWach with a great advertising.
Nike makes Millennials thing, sports are healthy and Millennials think that at the same time. Nike provides them the best technology into their clothes and create communities around the sport via online.
Samsung is a competitive brand because they provides to the market the last technology, their Samsung's Galaxy phones and tablets are a well-known products and popular with young people.
SONY invests music, gaming, photo and technology business and that is their strenght.
The last one is Microsoft which expend a lot of money to improve  the cloud computing, mobile apps and holographic computing.

Source: Moosylvania

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Why The Millennials Are An Interesting Target?

The Millennials are an attractive target for all the companies, because they are the generation that have grown up using the Internet. Moreover, in this year, their consumption has risen up incredibly, especially in online purchases. This generation represent a huge advantage unlike other generations, about their higher level of confidence in Ecommerce, in fact, they prefer to buy online than in a shop.

The economic impact which is caused by them, is enormous and positive. Millennials are a public used to consume technology and built relationships through this media. When the Internet appeared in the scene, the young audience took the power and they started to give opinions about brands. Actually, They  demand quality to the companies directly and they are always waiting for a feedback by companies.

Why not take this opportunity? they are a generation who like show their preferences, and this is a huge opportunity for a company because they can target better their audience, improve their customer care and finally, correct the defects of its products and services. Ampliffy, knows this, for that reason We offer you the possibility to hit this target efficiently.

Source: Nielsen

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Why Social Media?

Nearly 80% of consumers would be likely to buy even more in the future due to the presence of brands on social media. That's what states a study of the Internet Advertising Bureau of United Kingdom and that is because social media is the present. By creating personal relationships with customers, brands become part of the user experience and contribute on its competitive advantage.

There are many reasons why companies must be and use social media. Our top 5 is reputation, real information, differentiation, humanization and transparency. If you create a well-based online reputation users will trust on your words and your content and then they'll maintain loyal on your social channels and on real life. Connecting and getting in touch with your community is a great and free source of information, and what's more consumer insights that will help you to improve your future strategies. Differentiation is not only a matter of being different from your competitors but also focusing on that special point that users have let you known they specially like to be your competitive advantage. One to one relationships provides you a special link that humanizes your brand, that means when consumers ask you and you quickly give them a personalized answer they'll see you as a peer. The last reason is transparency, being honest and dedicated to your community will certainly contribute to loyalty.

Other values you need to consider are the power of listening and promote experiences. Listening to fans, followers, and customers will allow you to collect the data you need to improve and being the reference they expect you to be. Explore which type of content they like and dislike and pay attention to your current fans, your potencial ones and to influencers. Once you've understanded your community is time to share with them unforgettable and unique experiences to get feedback and start a lasting link that will be growing with periodical and valuable content.

We show you an infographic of Pay Simple blog that gives us a brief approach of social media rules:

Source: Pay Simple blog

The habitat of the Millennials: Social Networks

60% of the Millennials usually look for companies in social networks such as Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook... These kind of customers are more powerful in the market than years ago. Internet is a great tool for young people because through social media, they share information, talk with their friends about right or wrong actions of companies.

It is unavoidable, if you want to be in the market and to be interesting for young people, you should use social media. It is crucial to be there, because if  you do not consider a complaint, those clients are going to have a bad image of your company. You should be adapted to this new market, in order to have feedback with your target and to resolve their problems instantly.

The Internet opens the door to amazing advertising, allows you to segment effectively and to monetize your money. In a digital campaign, advertising have to be adapted to these social networks because Millennials have said "Advertisement on Facebook worth because It is not intrusive, nevertheless, Youtube advertising videos interrupt our navigation", for that reason, they do not like commercials in this platform, perhaps, It is due to commercials are the same than commercials on television, for that reason, are unattractive.

Here, you can see the key, to be successful when you launch marketing videos:

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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Inbound Marketing, The Art of The Bidirectional Communication

When it comes to Inbound Marketing, Ampliffy knows where is the young target. The answer is, they are using social networks. Why is It interesting Inbound Marketing? Because this marketing technique came up as a need to adapt business to the global market.

Social networks and social media are an interesting communication way, because those tools allow us to launch an interactive and bidirectional communication with our potential costumers or clients. In addition, your social networks mean a greater visibility for your business, an improvement of your brand reputation and a better customer service, if you know how to control your SMO (social media optimization). Here we tell you some of the Inbound Marketing keys:

Update your content and publish attractive posts.

Tell your target to share your post through hashtags and contest.

Control the feedback and answer your target quick and efficiently.

Take care of your loyal users and influencers.

Dont hesitate, Inbound Marketing is the new way to connect with a young audience effectively.

Fuente: www.mosaichub.com

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Transmedia for Interacting with the User

There is a widespread belief  that Cross Media and Transmedia techniques are similar, but nothing further from reality. While Cross Media refers to the process that revolves around storytelling through different platforms and thanks to it the story makes sense; Transmedia gets a differentiating element: the platforms are independent and do not need access to all content for understanding the story.

  But what is Transmedia? We could define it as a narrative process of a brand that intentionally decides to divide its content across multiple platforms or channels to arouse curiosity and interest of the user. However, despite being from different fragments housed in various media, the viewer can understand the story just watching one of them and then decide whether to consume other content and in which order.

  Thus, this technique is ideal to connect and interact with users and can be used in sites, television, social networks and even in video games or books. However, to ensure good effectiveness is required a good strategy that includes creating a unique experience to the consumer who will encourage him to participate and be  involved in the content creation.

Below we show you a video of the agency Draftfcb that explains what is Transmedia:

Source: Draftfcb

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Storytelling: The Key of a Great Branded Content

Storytelling and Branded Content are the "trending topic" of the moment, the ying and yang that harmonize and complement the brand new content. To get interest and loyalty of users, they first have to captivate and so the best technique to achieve it is to combine storytelling (telling a story that excites and empathizes) and branded content (providing new, more interactive and less intrusive creative formats). 

This merger will get a much stronger emotional bond that also will build trust. It is thanks to the storytelling the user feels part of a story and is much more responsive and proactive, a key fact that helps the advertiser to get closer to their followers and thus make him able to offer a personalized experience. However, this requires understanding the motivations of consumers very well and adapt the brand and link to content provided with an emotional incentive and not rational one.

Branded Content alone can be and can get very good results but if this is added a good story that encompasses the feelings of the user and the values of the brand, we will be in front of an invincible content. And what is more important, to ensure success we always need to keep in mind at all times, the point of view of the consumer and coherence between creativity and philosophy and brand values. 

Source: IAB Spain

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Branded Content Possibilities

Having a story to explain is the initial phase of any Branded Content. Brands want to connect with their users but the question is, how to reach them in an effective way and with which they would feel comfortable, participant and interested? Branded Content has evolved so that today is much more than to present an entertaining content to be consumed: it is an alive content that contains values and shared emotions.

An alternative increasingly common for both large and small advertisers, since the key is not in the investment or the cost but on the creativity and on the skill to hit and empathize with the public. Everything revolves around the experience to not to sell as the main objective, but entertain and generate sales on long medium - term. The main thing is  the public generates a positive image of the brand that will generate confidence and will be placed in their top of mind with different contents that appeal and move to consume and share.

Sharing is another "must" Branded Content, because good content must lead his own viral to reach its audience and contribute to its success and gaining notoriety transmitting values. And there is no right way, the Branded Content may include any content and take multiple formats, so its effectiveness lies with good adhesion by the public.