Friday, January 29, 2021

Impacting Young Audience

Interactivity, immediacy and freedom of speech. These are the three pillars that young audience appreciates in Internet advertising. It is desirable to opt for new advertising formats that are more interactive to influence the emotional sphere. Therefore, in Ampliffy we encourage to bet on branded content, display, viral marketing, pre – roll videos or contests in social networks, among others.

Internet has become the media star to reach young people who are saturated with conventional advertising and are attracted to the less intrusive formats that allow them to interact directly with the brand creating links and experiences. If the message is interesting and entertaining, they will be the firsts to share it with their circle of friends exerting as brand prescribers.

Young audience is increasingly using social networks and if a brand is able to establish a strong bond, the experience will become a shared virtual reality. Getting so, the user is receptive to advertising and then consume the content and  the products or services of the trademark.

Below we show you an infographic of Phonesheriff and PeekTab that explains how teenagers use Social Media:


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Publishers's Opportunities

The new digital outlook gives Publishers great challenges but at the same time afford them the possibility to discover new opportunities to achieve more advertising inventory on the online market.

One of these opportunities is the market niche that is composed by young target, an audience that seek for fresher, more interactive and with major capacity response formats and that is very present on mobile devices. They are Digital natives that are informed by the latest news  and trends and use the newest Social Media; a proactive profile that looks for quality content and a real time interaction.

Impacting that target is a great opportunity for Publishers to get immediate and efficient results. In Ampliffy we offer various online platforms, that thanks to our integrated system of Big Data we help Publishers to achieve different segments with very diverse likes and behaviours, so they can go to them in a directly and quickly way. 

Below we show you an infographic of Community 102 that explains the interaction of the young audience on Social Media:


Friday, January 22, 2021

Ad Exchanges

In Ampliffy we bet for using Ad Exchanges, that is because they are currently the most effective way to achieve an online advertising exchange. They are platforms or virtual markets that both publishers and buyers (advertisers and agencies) meet to sell  and buy ad spaces. It is a point of encounter between the offer and the demand of the sector.

There are two typologies, private and public Ad Exchanges. The public ones allow free access to any seller or buyer and the private ones through an auction system they restrict its access to a number of publishers and advertisers or agencies.

The main benefits of this system are that it  improves the ROI with the content optimization, there is a centralized management and an absolut control of all the campaigns, a major flexibility when it comes to do budgets, more transparency than other systems and a high quality traffic.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Users's Interaction in Social Media

Years ago it was almost inconceivable that a consumer could connect with a brand at any time of the day, today is more than feasible thanks to Social Media. Brands, even more, must show they are proactive and maintain a relationship with its multiple users, they must answer the comments in real time, be publishing regularly content, generate relevant content to the user so he become predisposed to strike up a  conversation and show himself a reference to follow.

To increase levels of user interaction there are different indicators that help control it, among them are: the popularity the brand has on the different platforms from the number of followers, the quality and quantity of feedback, visibility, it means, the traffic that is generated after on the brand page or the increase of the sales and the influence and  the impact of the content to be generated.

In Ampliffy we bet that brands promote themselves the interaction with a tone and style according to the audience and with  a personalized content, so the user perceives a clear trust and feels well cared for. So the next step the user does is  to talk about his experience with his contacts generating BUZZ and WOM .

Below we show you an infographic of eCircle that explains how consumers interact with brands in Social Media:


Friday, January 15, 2021

Online Brand Awareness

The biggest challenge of a brand is that consumers talk well about it, and consequently, they buy or consume it. To achieve that, the most effective way is by getting a great awareness, presence and influence and what is more, in the online ecosystem.

There are multiple choices just to generate new opportunities, the ideal is to attract users with non conventional formats. If we opt for advertising  we must bet on viral content so it generates a bigger impact and all by the hand of the own user. But if we choose the creation of content we should give added value so the consumer takes part of a significant experience.

The most important factor of online brand awareness is that helps generating brand image and so we can establish a tighten bond with the users that are likely predisposed to know more about the news of the trademark. In Ampliffy, we firmly believe that effectiveness  lies on a continuous awareness, it means that through constant impacts that are kept on our mind we configure an image and a memory that impulses to  purchase or to prescribe. 

Below we show you an infographic of Next agency that explains how to improve online brand awareness:


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Content Marketing

In Ampliffy we fully trust on the consumer, "The client is the boss!", and to keep it loyal to a brand we should provide him added value, relevant content that captivates him and make him stop for a moment so consequently  he shares it on Social Media.

Content marketing should be referred to in any online marketing strategy and must be built from the own brand channels. It is a very beneficial tool that certainly maximizes the effects of WOM and consequently improves outcomes in brand image. To achieve this, you must know very well in what networks does the consumer surf and what tone, as a brand, you must take in order to provide him the content that suits his interests and concerns to gain him before he even have a first contact with the brand.

Its benefits are many: its cost is very low, it can reach a long life, provides differentiation from the competition,  increases online traffic, generates credibility and confidence to the consumer and helps to establish a closer link with the brand. Thanks to a strategy that is fully pull, the user is much more responsive and predisposed to consume this content and therefore get fully involved in it by himself.

Below we show you an infographic Content + that shows how is the Content Marketing composed:


Friday, January 8, 2021

Young Users's Loyalty

Young audience has turned directly into the online media, so to reach it and then keep it you have to use the online loyalty, the e-loyalty. This audience has become one of the most critical and better informed, so you have to surprise it and get fully involved to mantain it satisfied with a content adapted to its language, interests and its worldview.

In Ampliffy we care about what young people think, what drives them, what interests them and, to get this, the best way is to listen and maintain close, constant and direct contact with them. Every interaction is presented once so we must be cared for and reward it with immediacy.

Users of this age group seek new experiences and the best way to keep them is by offering entertainment with relevant and innovative content that appeals and impacts on the emotional factor. The value of satisfaction is priceless as they can then exercise its influence on the online community and contribute to the generation of Buzz. Here lies the importance of measuring results to analyze in detail what has been good driven or not, "the customer forgives but does not forget", so special care must be used in learning from mistakes and propose alternatives to always win the user trust.



Tuesday, January 5, 2021

WOM in Social Media

Word of mouth or WOM has always been one of the most effective means of increasing brand awareness, but at the same time very difficult to analyze and control. Nowadays the online environment offers us the ability to keep track of what is said in social networks.

The main objectives of WOM are very clear: listen to consumers and approach to them, create content of their interest, make them generate conversations with friends and share content and get feedback from them and create or strengthen the relationship between brand and user. This can be achieved by the collaboration between brand and consumer to generate web presence.

Currently, we can manage and control  social networks and what is said of a trademark in each one thanks to metrics. We have the ability to exhaust target and head to forums or communities where consumers may be interested in our brand, who after may exercise as prescribers and recommend  a brand to their nearest, or we can know the identity of opinion leaders who speak or mention a brand. In Ampliffy we are aware that WOM has become one of the systems that gives more credibility and awareness; credibility , for the fact that is the direct experience transferred from a user and diffusion, because users can immediately access to that experience in any online portal.

Below we show you and infographic of WOMMA ( Word of Mouth Marketing Association) that compares both offline and online WOM:

Friday, January 1, 2021

Maximizing ROI in Young Audience

In Ampliffy we are aware of the importance of return on investment and, what is more, in social networks. Therefore we consider that the best way to get a good result is from an integrated strategy that includes impact from multiple devices.

This strategy should appeal to immediate proactive interaction, personalization and constant renewal of content, conferring major brand values ​​to enhance its image, make use of multimedia materials to motivate the self-interaction, create engaging and creative material, choose a cool, direct and casual tone that suits the audience and go for a simple, clear and concise content.

The brand must adapt to the needs and desires of the user. The consumer is more demanding with what he hear from the mouth of the trademarks, so if the brand wants to obtain benefits from him it first should endeavor to find out first what encourages him.

Below we show you an infographic of Zyncro that explains the most useful indicators for maximizing the ROI: