Friday, November 27, 2020

Supply Side Platforms (SSP)

SSP or Suply Side Platforms are online platforms that allow the optimization and profitability of campaigns with the aim to monetize the advertising inventory on the digital media. The purchasing process of online spaces is done thanks to an ad server that connect both advertisers and Publishers automatically and in real time.

The offers launched in SSPs depend on the advertiser audience, that through an exhaustive analysis,  they determine if the spaces are profitable according with the budget.

In Ampliffy we value the fact of having an exhaustive control of all the process, so SSPs are very useful as between its benefits are it covers an international market, the results are real and transparent and the selling strategies are done in real time.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Ampliffy Conversation

Social Media has become part of our daily lives and we access to them from multiple devices. We own our screen and that is where we express ourselves: we laugh, we share content with friends, we bother, we discuss experiences, we get alarmed, we remain indifferent and, we talk about brands.

The goal of Ampliffy is to ampliffy  the brand content that is mentioned on social networks. This is configured as the best vehicle to hear firsthand what customers think and what are their habits and likes to interact with them immediately and to focus on improving day by day. Different channels into one unified conversation so that the user is permanently interconnected with their circle of friends and share its brand interests with them.

We get on a changing environment heavily influenced by new technologies, and as well as every day brings new social platforms to meet the needs of users of free speech, Ampliffy moves to increase reputation, presence and influence of brands by an unifying system that helps to achieve the branding objectives .