Monday, March 28, 2016

Family and their importance for the Millennials

Millennials are changing the perception has always been of " young people". They aren't at the world of work yet but they are showing us that they have a very active attitude that would be very useful in the long run. For them, the family is much more important than friends or money. 

For example, in a survey, they were asked what they would prefer: to go on a vacation with their families or to receive a significant amount of money. Surprisingly most Millennials responded to go on vacation with their families. Millennials are different, they are young and every day we are surprised more. Are not yet deep in the world of work but we must give them a chance, probably they will surprise us.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Loyal Generation

A large percentage of Millennials prefer to have a job with which to earn enough money to not have luxuries without working. This generally defines a little bit what kind of people are Millennials. The work and effort are two basic qualities of the Millennials, that perfectly define them. 

Many of them want to start a family and have a house and a car, but the important thing is not to have bought a house , but often the rent , ranging from flower to flower. Millennials are fair generation, because everything they say, is everything they do. They are committed to the fullest and they will always fight until the end to achieve their own goals.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Millennials and the technology

Millennials have grown up with technology, but now 98% of us use the internet. And people would do anything to join internet anywhere, so if they don’t have it at home they’ll go to public libraries.

If a 97% of population own a cell phone and a 65% own a smartphone, it means that children of 13 years old own a smartphone. Technology is a part of us, we can’t get rid of it but we don’t want to. The influence of tech products in our life is huge.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cómo afectan las RRSS a los jóvenes Millennials

Las redes sociales son la nueva manera de recibir información y comunicarse de manera instantánea y cómoda. Los jóvenes Millennials las utilizan diariamente, y están a su alcance durante las 24 horas del día. Las necesitan para quedar con amigos, colgar fotografías, para trabajar, promocionarse, entre muchas otras utilidades.

Existe un grave peligro pues los nuevos internautas en camino no son conscientes de la peligrosidad de las redes sociales. En ellas muestran su mejor yo, se muestran como les gustaría ser y se creen también lo que dicen los demás y esto provoca, muchas veces, confusiones.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Technological progress is the reason for the change of vision of Millennials

In this video , young millennials have been exposed to the first videogame and also they have played on it. Their reaction was composed by surprise and admiration at the same time.

This game did not have excellent graphics and wasn't as fast as the games of today. But they acknowledge the merit to being created long time ago. And they say that it is funny because now they would be very "cool" to have this game at home.