Thursday, April 29, 2021

How to attract Millennials on Social Media

Millennials love to consume online content, update it and to upload new archives. To reach this generation is necessary to know how to control the Social Media and explore each social network to follow the new tendencies and to take an advantage of new comments and hashtags.

As a brand, if you want to conquer this generation, the following tips are going to help you to define a good social media strategy:

  1. Be trustworthy: Young people expect brands to be transparent, to trust in them and if they feel they have been betrayed, they could speak ill of your company, losing a customer.
  2. Use all Social Networks: A lot of companies are used to have only an account on Facebook thinking that is enough. That fact could be but as a company, you should have online presence and to use the social networks which are more suitable for your products or services.
  3. Quality content: We should generate content easy to share and to read.
  4. Influencers: Not only important bloggers or experts are influencers. Consumers can be influencers because nowadays, everyone, who is in this generation, use social networks having a lot of followers or friends. For this reason, you have to offer a good customer service and to solve their problems instantly.
  5. Competitors: A golden rule on Marketing is to be better than the competitors. The social networks allow us to see what they are doing and to see which needs they are not able to cover to the potential customers, getting attract new customers.
  6. Feedback: Finally, the feedback with them is essential , they interact on the Internet looking for instant answers and also have a direct conversation with them, helps us to understand what their needs are , rather than acquire information through a study which would be a big expense.

Source: Social Media Today

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Millennials, the 'IT' generation every company wants

"This is a generation that’s really grown up connected… So companies understand that they really need to be present and connect with their consumers... in ways that they hadn’t before", says Lindsay Drucker Mann, vice president in Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs. Millennials are way much more than an exigeant and numerous generation, they are future and so they are the central focus of many companies.

Its 'modus operandi' is always the same: they get informed, they buy and then they share.


Thursday, April 22, 2021

Millennials: Video online is better than tradictional TV

Television has been the king of all media for young people, thus, it has been the most choosen by advertisers and publishers to generate engagement or to launch its products or services. But digital natives are changing the game and their consumption preferences are changing at the same time. According to a study by Nielsen, "Are Young People Watching Less TV?" 2015, people from 18 to 34 years old, in the US market, consume 22½ hours, which means that the average consumption has dropped 47 minutes compared to the previous year.

This data, are important to have a global vision about how new generations change and pull the brands to change as well. That fact is not only taking place in United States, also, in the rest of the countries. This is critical because nowadays, the market is global.

Now, we can talk about, VOD, video on demand and online television. Gen Y prefer to chose the content and chose when they want to see it. In addiction, streaming TV programs and the use of different platforms or Websites to consume or generate new audiovisual content, are rising up each year. This is reflected in how brands are changing their products to adapt them to this new media, the Internet, a great example, is the Smart TV's.

The use of second or third screen is very common in Millennials. When the are seeing a TV program, they have the need to share what is happening in real time. For that reason, a lot of series or TV programs, have generated hashtags around its contents.

So, Are Millennials killing the traditional TV? They do not reject the TV but the prefer to consume the same content in a different format. According to a study by Verizon, a 40% of Millennials prefer online TV than traditional TV. This is a good new to advertisers and publishers because if they plan a good Digital Marketing Plan, they are going to be able to impact a segmented audience and to adapt its content to the user's searches or their preferences.

Source: comScore

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Mobile banking: The new way to spend money

Smartphones run the world. Around 2.6 billion people own an smartphone and use it actively. This figure will increase by 2020, that means, 6.1 billion people who will be a 70 percent of the world's population who will have a smartphone. This fact is changing the way to buy, the way to communicate each others and the way to manage the banking.

After a huge survey, 235 people, they have determined some highlights of the mobile consumer in 2015:
  1. Brick and Mortar banking is not too popular, over half of the people surveyed use online banking and over one-third part of them use mobile apps. 
  2. Millennials is the key generation, they are trailblazers using smartphones and mobile apps. They are usually aware of the latest developments. 
  3. The generation before Millennials, Gen X, are starting to use mobile apps related with the banking but they need to trust in that App to use it, they need to feel secure when it comes of personal data and money. 
  4. User's experience and App's usability is a critical point. If an App runs slowly, users would uninstall it or stop to using it.
Currently, banks have an opportunity to reach young people and to change customer behaviour. If they create a good and a secure App, that fact could be an advantage over their competitors. By 2017 in US, 108 million people will use mobile banking. 

Smartphones are becoming something so personal, and the iGeneration, Millennials who trust in their devices to make a lot of things, are not afraid of the Internet, moreover, banks and brands have a huge job with GenX, because they see this media like a nightmare, the new objective is to convince them to trust on the Internet and to make easy and attractive Apps to engage both generations.

Source: Crittercism

Thursday, April 15, 2021

The relationship between Generation C and the online video

The online video consumption is rising up unavoidable. Even though, Millennials is the target which consume more and more these videos, we can establish a new target called "Generation C". This generation is characterized by people who are in the following age range, 13-54 years old and their behaviour is based on the 4 C ´S: Creation, Connection, Community and Curation.

A lot of people are part of this content generation, for that reason, companies should create an interesting content, therefore,  the Gen C will maintain a bidirectional conversations with the brands. It is important to know that this target prefer the video format than another format.

Why is it relevant to create video content? Because these people want to consume that. They are used to create content and they expect  these brands create interesting information and creative videos. If they like or love your content, they will become prescribers and hence, influencers. This is the key of the success because the potential customers believe in the users opinions more than the companies information.

What should a brand do to reach this target?

  1. First of all, a brand should know that the king of the formats is the video. Multimedia content are more attractive and allows to nurture the campaigns with a better creativity.
  2. The content should be like water, this means, it have to be adapted to all the screens. For example, It is common to find websites and microsites which are not adapted to the mobile screen, this is a mistake because makes difficult the user's navigation hurting the brand image.
  3. If you create a video, you will have to put tags, that is really good because you are going to improve your SEO.
  4. Your videos should be in the main platforms which are visited by your clients or potential customers.

Source: SMBP

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Millennials and the myths they have to deal with

This generation has been one of the most analized generations in those last years. Gen Y is on the Internet, companies started to be interested in them when they realised that Millennials are in social media all the time. Moreover, they are involved in a lot of myths.

Brad Harrington, the executive director of Boston College Center for Work & Family, decided to make a survey to 1.100 professional Millenials in order to belie all those myths. This study denied the next 8 myths:

Myth 1: Millenials want to change their jobs constantly
Everyone thinks that Millennials want to change their job for another job in a short time and this fact is not true. A 60% prefer to maintain their job.

Myth 2: Prefer technology than people
They prefer to work with their team through the Internet because it is a quick way to communicate each other.

Myth 3: Their parents are involved in their decisions
This is totally a lie, they are able to take a decision without the influence of their parents.

Myth 4:They follow the gender roles
Currently, there are more men willing to stay at home without a job than women, if their couple gain a good salary.

Myth 5:They don't work hard
Millennials prefer to have more responsability in their jobs and to take challenges.

Myth 6: Their carreer is the tool to measure their success
They have to have time for their family, in fact, they are willing to refuse a job if they cannot have time for their social life.

Myth 7: They have more social awareness
In the survey, we could see that this is not the most important fact for them.

Myth 8: They refuse the commitment
Generation Y doesn't refuse the commitment. They usuale don't get married or buy a house because of economic problems.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Introducing Gen C, more than one age group

Generation C is the name we use to define this group of people which are connected to new technologies. In fact, they grew up at the same time technology progressed. This group of people are really interested to know about the brands and to contact with companies. The rules have changed, currently, the companies have to tell an story to them, because this target expect to be identified with the vision and mission of one brand.

For example, Etsy, a trading company, has reached the main goal which is to understand the needs of this generation adapting its website to them. That's why, the owners belong to this generation, they implemented a great strategy to solve their customer's problems directly through online workshops.

This generation have different characteristics to consider in your strategy if you want to connect with them: 
  1. Gen C is involved with social media, they talk to companies through blogs, forums and social networks.
  2. As a brand, you have to peer your social networks to answer your clients questions at the moment, the goal is to solve their problems instantly.
  3. They are active consumers, actually, after seeing a commercial on YouTube or in another channel, they go on to buy that product.
  4. Gen C is so passionate, if they like a brand, they want to find subscribers who will join a community around the brand.
  5. This target, consume video a lot, a 76% visit YouTube weekly and a 36% daily.
  6. They are not passive users, they usually create contents to share it in social media. This is a great infographic about how many times, Gen C creates content at least once a month: 

Source: ThinkWithGoogle

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Millennials And The Idea They Have of Themselves

This video shows the image Millennials have of themselves. They describe their generation in a sarcastic and realistic way "I am a Millennial and I am sorry".  They make a comparison with Baby Boomers generation and explain the behaviour of this group of people.