Thursday, May 25, 2023

How to Find The Right Web Video Player

The demand for online video is rising.

Before, everyone used to think that TV was the perfect ad publishing media to reach the target audience. Now, audiences spend most of their time on their phones. We are living in a digital era where research said that one in three consumers never had cable or no longer do. Google counts that 60% of Americans would rather watch videos over live TV. As a brand advertiser, this is good news as digital online advertising tent to be more cost-effective.

No surprise that the digital marketing field has been embracing this trend for the last decade, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Social media, youtube, and websites are the most popular video distribution places. According to Vidyard, the usage of video in sales and customer conversations has grown by 93% since 2019.  

Brand advertisers must consider this method, be creative, and regularly create video content. The percentage of companies that create more than 51 videos each year has increased by 261% over the past two years (Vidyard, 2022). 91% of enterprises are maintaining and increasing the budget for creating video content. So, what else that holding you back from getting started with video content?

Implementing Video Content and Video Ad Format on The Website

After creating some video content, it is time to see the best way to implement it. The most crucial thing that you need to consider is the video player.

A video player is a kind of software or hardware that is able to playback video.

Before, most video players were based on hardware. But now, most of them are software-based, allowing video to run on multiple devices like phones, browsers, or computers. We can classify the video player into two types. 

  1. Video players that can be installed, such as Windows Media Player, Quicktime, VLC, etc.

  2. Web-based media player that allows video to be played in the browser.

In this section, we will focus on talking about web-based media players. 

Browsers that support HTML5 have an embedded video player. This means that the audience can watch videos on their computer without downloading or installing any additional software. This video player is designed to be easy to use and to provide a consistent experience across all browsers.

Ampliffy Video Player

With Ampliffy video player, the video will start playing automatically. Users can control the playback of the video by using the control buttons on the screen. These controls include play, pause, rewind, and fast forward. They can also adjust the volume by using the volume control. If users want to watch a video in full-screen mode, simply click the full-screen button on the corner of the video player. To exit full-screen mode, press the escape key on the keyboard.

The most important part is Ampliffy Vide Player has good technology that works in every Operating System (OS), device, browser, and connection.

In recap, it is important to use an online video player with good technology to adjust the video's size and placement behavior. It is also important to apply a video player that allows you to easily load multiple videos and control what content is displayed.

A good online video player will also allow you to easily embed video into the brand's website or social media pages. This makes it easier for someone to share the video with others.


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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Ampliffy TV (Video Player + Video Content)

What is ampliffy TV and how can it help generate revenue?

Talking about Ampliffy TV means that we are talking about video player technology and updated video content. Ampliffy TV is a revolutionary web video player that helps publishers get more audience and monetize their video content. Ampliffy TV also provides video contents that are related to the news and lifestyle of the young audience beyond social media. It is an all-in-one solution for creating, managing, and distributing video content on a publisher’s page. With the Ampliffy control panel, publishers can always supervise the movement of the video content and how the monetization works. Ampliffy TV is the easiest way to provide video content and get revenue from it while providing a high-quality viewing experience for audiences for both desktop and mobile view.

Why use Ampliffy TV to generate revenue through video content?

We have our own technology of video player and original video content that are embeddable into the publisher’s site that works both for desktop and mobile version. We have many topics of short video content that you can choose based on your audience. With this, you can make your site more discoverable and maximize the revenue by offering different types of content for different audience preferences. 

The monetization is based on Ampliffy's direct advertisers that invest their ad campaigns to reach young audiences behind social media platforms. Publishers benefit from these global advertisement budgets to increase their online revenue.

We use state-of-art technology, and an AI model for the monetization, creating a real-time prediction and decisions. All the process will be totally transparent and use the best technology of market management and revenue optimization. Use Ampliffy to boost the profitability of your site. Together with our infinite scroll technology, the monetization will grow together along with the reader and shopper experience

The mechanism is really easy as we provide the coding solution to be copy-pasted on the publisher’s site and start making money from the monetization. Once Ampliffy TV is attached to the publisher’s site, the publisher can track the performance on a daily basis.

How does the Ampliffy video player work?

Ampliffy Video Player is designed to be user friendly and highly functional. It offers a variety of features such as video hosting, streaming, sharing button, analytics, and monetization. Making it an ideal choice for publishers who want to have audience growth on their sites. 

From the perspective of audience experience, Ampliffy Video Player has call-to-action buttons, making it easier for the audience to share the video content. Ampliffy TV is a linear TV for short videos.

If you are a business owner, delivering your video ad format with Ampliffy video player is also a winning idea. Besides the high level of discoverable and call-to-action buttons, Ampliffy video player can also attach and engage the advertiser’s social media account in the video player. So everyone who is interested in the brand that is advertising can easily access the advertiser’s social media account with one single click. Read about Ampliffy for Advertisers to know more about how Ampliffy helps brand advertisement.

With this video player technology, publishers can host and deliver video content to the audience in the most effective way.

Understanding the benefits of using an Ampliffy Video Player and Video content on your website

Videos are becoming an increasingly popular way to deliver messages and engage with audience. In business terms, videos are also an easy way to grow communication and awareness with customers. This is why choosing a video player with advanced technology and service is important to provide the best audience experience. With the right video player and video content provider, publishers can easily integrate streaming services into the website, making it easier for the audience to watch without any buffering or lagging issues.

How to get Ampliffy TV to your website

First, you need to register to the Ampliffy account as a publisher. And then, you will need to fill out your profile and complete the information regarding your site and your audience. Our team will have an inspection of your site before deciding on the video content. Once it is ready, we will give you access to the embedded code through your Control Panel. This code allows you to embed Ampliffy TV into your website. Publishers can also have control over the topics that they want to attach to their website. Add and remove topics easily only by one single click without changing the code.

Once you have the code, you just need to add it to your website, and Ampliffy TV will start to work. In the meantime, you can always track the video growth with the Ampliffy Control Panel on a daily basis.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Why Brands Need A Short-form Videos Format for A Successful Marketing Campaign

In today's digital age, short-form videos have become essential to any successful digital marketing strategy. They offer a quick and engaging way to capture users' attention simultaneously. It is crucial to get your message across in the shortest time possible. Short-form videos are straight to the point and deliver the message to the audience within seconds.

Internet users want easy content to consume and digest, and short-form videos are the answer. They are the perfect way to convey the brand's message quickly and effectively. Coordinating with social media platforms and website advertising, short-form videos become a to-go format for digital marketers.

Short-form videos offer a level of creativity that other forms of content cannot. It includes music, animation, and special effects to create a visually stunning video to capture the user's attention at once. With the right script and visuals, short-form videos can tell a compelling story in just a few seconds.

How to make a successful short-form video ad campaign?

Short-form videos are a new marketing strategy for sharing relevant product information. To make it successful, advertisers need to pay attention to the video's rank, traffic, impression rate, and leading clicks.

The keys to creating a successful short-form video ad campaign are creativity and consistency. We advise creating captivating video content as a component of the digital marketing plan.

Blue Corona claims that creating a series of short videos every week or month builds brand authority, resulting in excitement from the audience to wait for the next announcement. They will expect more stuff on a regular basis. The best approach to plan this is to design several video concepts to cover common problems. You might need help to provide video content regularly. In this case, Ampliffy can help you connect to our creator community to collaborate on your new video advertisement project.

Once advertisements publish the short-form video, don't forget to share it in a variety of channels to increase the ranks. For example, posting it on the website and social media platforms. Another great idea is to collaborate with the site publisher to gain more audience beyond social media. Ampliffy for Advertisers offers different options for collaborating publishers with a diverse audience that can be a place to advertise the brand video ad format.

Why do brands need short-form videos?

A wise man said, 'The value of a 1-minute video is worth 1.8 million words'. Video marketing is the king of social media and the internet. These are what brands will have by starting a short video marketing campaign.

  1. Increasing Sales and Conversions

Are you promoting a brand-new item or service?

A brand can demonstrate to customers how the product or service operates by making a video. 

Approximately 95% of consumers have watched an explainer video to understand more about a product or service, according to Wyzowl study on video marketing data and statistics.

According to the same study, 81% of marketers believe that videos directly and favorably affect sales. In addition, 76% claim that it helped them boost traffic.

So, if you are struggling to create a brand video, our community of video creators can help you make the video content of your brand. 

Also, if you already have your brand's short video ad format, you can register with Ampliffy for advertisers to boost your video advertisement campaign. (sync to the link). 

  1. Having ROI

78% of marketers claim that video marketing increases their ROI, according to the most recent Wyzowl search on video marketing data. Videos are more than just a trend. Actually, a video ad format is the present and the future of strong and successful marketing.

  1. Building Trust

Here we share with you the research from the same source that video ad format can build consumer trust

  • 81% of consumers said that seeing a brand's video persuaded them to purchase a good or service.

  • 69% of those surveyed intended to purchase software or an application after viewing a video.

By examining those numbers, it can be concluded that companies who regularly provide videos are building their credibility, and their customers patiently wait for more video releases and promotions.

Additionally, watching the video doesn't take up a lot of time for viewers. That's excellent!

In conclusion, short-form videos are the perfect way to capture users' attention at once. They are straight to the point, creative, and offer a quick and engaging way to convey your message. With the rise of internet usage, short-form videos have become a vital part of any successful digital marketing strategy. So, if you're looking to make an impact in the digital space, be sure to include short-form videos in your marketing mix.