Friday, February 26, 2021

Branded Content or the Future of Advertising

Branded Content was created to respond to all those users looking for entertaining and useful content that do not bother them or are considered as intrusive. A new trend that involves the creation and funding of a content of a brand that can take different formats: from a video, a blog or a message on social networks. Effectiveness and low cost are the main advantages why every day more advertisers are encouraged to opt for a more consumer-friendly advertising.

Users leverage any time to drop, so Branded Content has become the perfect formula to encourage them to consume content that may be of their interest appealing the emotional fact. One of the best techniques to achieve medium-term benefits that also contributes to the reputation and brand positioning, facts that influence to create engagement with the user .

Another aspect which positions the Branded Content as a method that will supplant the current advertising is its quality and its use in transmedia strategies. It is usually personalized content that is designed exclusively for a specific audience that gives them added value. Definitely it is part of creating an entertainment experience that favors the message and the story, leaving benefits apart or attributes of a product or service.

Below we leave an infographic of IAB Spain in which they explain us in detail what is Branded Content and which formats, types and benefits can adopt:

Source: IAB Spain

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Importance of Social Media Conversation

The power of social media nowadays is indubitably. A simple tweet can change and influence the opinion of thousands of followers that can consume us again or just stop believing in our messages or content. So, what we should do is to change our mentality and thoughts and stop only communicating to start to listen, communicate and consequently generate engagement.

One of the biggest problems is ignoring that many brands do not stand up to a minute to listen to the thoughts of his followers. Simple communication doesn't create interaction, so you have to run away from this practice and opt for talking which, undoubtedly, will generate brand value and make us more closer.

Central to our customers is to have a positive experience with our brand. Go beyond mere content and turn it into a weapon that will generate interest and help us to create conversations that will allow us to grow day by day; That will make a difference.

Below we share with you an infographic of Cool Brands about the power of Millennials' conversations in social media:


Friday, February 19, 2021

The Power of Social Media Influencers

The role of influencers has become crucial at the time in which we live. Brands like H&M, Oreo and Visa are the most popular social networks in the study Top Social Brands that apart from being very well positioned in the mind of the consumer brands, are even more in social media. But what are the influencers? They can be both individuals and groups who, through their experience in a given field have earned a reputation and credibility in social media and are dedicated to generating interesting and quality content. 

The WOMMA Influencer Guide Book distinguishes 5 typologies  by degree of influence: the defender, the citizen, the ambassador, the professional and the celebrity. The defender is usually a regular user of a brand that by altruism and sympathy decides to share content about their products. The citizen is mostly a user that due to its spontaneous and continuous content has gained a network of followers and sometimes explains his experiences or recommendations. The ambassador share an emotional bond with the brand and values​​, it is usually an employee or volunteer that shares content by being payed for it. The professional goes a step further and is defined as an influential person that because of his job or profession gives a higher degree of knowledge, so he acts as an expert by apporting credibility. Finally we have the celebrity, a public figure who despite their high cost, he could be the best investment to influence the followers of a brand and thus achieve greater impact. 

Each influencer is different, so you have to know them very well to approach to them and establish a relationship of value and that could be effective and beneficial for them and for the brand. Therefore, you should start by detecting those users with a great social activity related to the brand to approach them face to face with a personalized treatment offering something in return. Thus we can achieve valuable actions like that they cite the products or services of a brand in their blog or articles, become viral certain content on their network or even do product placement in one of their daily photographs.

Below we show you an infographic of Crowtap that explains us which issues and facts influence our decisions on social media:

Source: Crowdtap

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Social Media: The Big Challenge for Advertisers

¿What seems a better option to impact and reach Internet users? This is one of the great challenges Advertisers have when choosing which creative proposal is the most successful and generate more profitability and effectiveness.

But sometimes they forget that behind a screen is a much more complex and demanding user. Social Media have become the king media to spread advertising campaigns and to talk about brands and companies but what is alarming for them is that sometimes users don't care about it. Consumers tend to rely more on other users, thus acting as prescribers, and the recommendation has been imposed on the voice of the brand itself. 

Faced with this problem, ¿how can Advertisers act? The best option seems to be by convincing the user and reinventing the message, turn the advertising content that consumers will want to look and be part of it. But the most important is that he personalizes the message by his interests. This is Social Media background and brands only need to truly listen the users to better know how to act.

Then we leave an infographic from Flowtown showing growth trends of advertising in Social Media:


Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Millennials: The New Consumer Generation

Millennials, the future or the current new consumer generation? We all know about millennials and their power in today's consumer society, but will they be the same in  the future? This collective is 24 hours connected to Social Media to express themselves and share opinions and thoughts but they usually believe more in their friends or the social community voice rather than the brands. So how can companies change that?

As a Boston Consulting Group survey reveals "millennials are driving a transformation of consumer marketing across five elements: reach, relevance, reputation, relation, and referral". That means the key to approach to young consumers is by setting really clear marketing goals that can be easily measured without missing the open dialogue and understanding what this new generation want from companies. Loyalty  is difficult but even more with social media adopters, so brands have to listen, read and understand them.

That is that brands need to understand millennials by anticipating to their needs, motivations, expectations and desires and, what is more important, empathizing with them by reflecting their own values in the brand ones. We tend to think about millennials as a collective with a single and unique personality, but as it's true they share some similarities don't miss they all are different and must be treat as single ones for them to be part of a community.

Below we show you an Infographic of Carlos Monteiro on Adweek for you to get a clearer idea of how Millennials behave:

Carlos Monteiro

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Online Branding

If a brand has no presence on the network, it does not exist. The brand is the soul and the promise to the consumer, so we have to create a holistic and multi-channel strategy that includes and integrates both social networking platforms such as online advertising for a brand to differentiate and position .

In Ampliffy we believe that to build an online reputation, and thus occupy a position in the minds of consumers, it is essential to get brand awareness so then it will be recognized and associated to a set of specific values. We must begin, therefore, understanding exactly who the consumer is and what its characteristics are, what moves and interests him to connect with him by providing the brand of content and meaningful , interesting , relevant and current messages.

Online branding is configured as a system that increases the level of user memory by giving voice to the brand. Appealing to the emotional factor is a very effective system and thanks to the technique of storytelling and a great creativity a brand can easily reach very high visibility to generate an immediate online reputation.


Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Viral Content

Nowadays everyone is talking about the concept of viral or viral content, but what does that really mean?

We can state that a viral content is the one that expands on the maximum number of online channels, very quickly, with  no effort and has the ability to reproduce by itself  only by a click.

To fulfill that a campaign or a content has a viral character we precise different factors: it needs to be with an interactive and attractive format (the best ones are the multimedia ones), it has to be in line with the current trends (so we can get more impact), it should possess an attractive, emotive and persuasive title (it is the first thing the user will catch his eye on), and must be entertaining  (must offer the user spends a nice time with information of its interest).

In Ampliffy we bet for the brands to create an “incredible” content, it means it provoke the user to feel fascinated, to get identified and be predisposed to share it with his friends. And this is among all the main objective of viral content.

Below we show you an infographic of the platform Problogger that visually explains what really is viral marketing: