Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Buzz in Social Media

The consumer is no longer innocent, he expresses himself with great ease in the digital age and knows what he wants and what is interested on. In this scenario organizes Buzz Marketing that helps the user not to look so skeptical and rely on the word of trademarks. Brands have to search for content that contains an idea or a simple and credible message with significant value so users get  involved and share it freely and spontaneously.

Previously, brands must select those users with a proactive profile within a forum or online community that act as opinion leaders and then establish a meticulous choice of channels where it is to spread the message by following an integrated and comprehensive strategy. This aims to generate conversations thanks to a media "hook" that, from a ripple effect, causes the viral content and the brand presence.

The benefits we find in this practice in Ampliffy is that it helps to increase the awareness, presence and visibility. The content swiftly spreads by networks bringing more credibility than conventional advertising, setting a clear brand positioning in the consumer's mind, and consequently increasing sales. Remember that the bottom line in any relationship is trust, and each time a user speaks well of a brand it takes advantage.

Below we show you an infographic of Social Reflexion that explains the Social Media effect produced by Buzz:


Friday, December 25, 2020

Data Suppliers

Volume, velocity and variety, those are the main pillars of Big Data. Big Data has become a must in the online advertising world and advertisers, even more, precise of more detailed and specific information about their audience.

So there have appeared Data Suppliers, digital organs that are in charge of compile and sell data from anonymous identities to brands just to these ones can better focus their marketing objectives and then increase their brand value.

In Ampliffy we are conscious about the importance of knowing very well the core target, that is for discovering consumers' insights is crucial to then arrive at them with interesting content and improve the digital formats. 

Below we show you an infographic of Monetate that explains the process from Big Data to personalization:

Source: http://monetate.com/

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Online Impact

Social Media has been organized as the preferred media by brands to get awareness. But this new media, according to the time we are in, has acquired a great level of exigence and this have an effect on the brands‘ online strategies.

The trademark must take into account the realization of an strategy that combines and synchronizes advertising online actions with social networks, with the purpose of increasing and strike up conversations between the net users in a natural and spontaneous way. If the brand creates personalized and correct messages for each target group it has much more possibilities that users get  identified and consequently get involved giving the content and the information a more wide dimension.

In Ampliffy we are convinced that to achieve a greater impact is better to use techniques with an emotional tone like the storytelling as they captivate more the user and for viral pieces that because of its own nature they will spread in all the virtual reality and obtain awareness and presence. 


Source: www.visiblemeasures.com

Friday, December 18, 2020

Display for Young Audience

In Ampliffy we work with display advertising formats because when designing campaigns with high level of impact they are ideal thanks to the infinite range of creative possibilities. What is more, they also allow achieving brand awareness and online branding objectives.

The essential when creating a display campaign , and more aimed at a young audience, is the good choice of the media - address to as many media the target group could be in order to get more impacts- and a good dose of creativity. Bet on rich media is the best choice for its attractive and powerful character that can capture the attention of the net user and get a direct interaction .

The benefits presented are several, but the main ones are that its cost is quite low, it generates visibility and produces an image and positioning in the consumer's mind that helps that  after being impacted by advertising  he goes to the brand social networks to learn more in depth and generate conversation with other Internet users. So it is advisable that when you create the brand strategy this integrates all the display advertising  in its online platforms.


Source: http://www.thinkwsi.com/

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Online Young Audience

Digital natives or Millennials are the new generation, young people that is hyperconnected on the internet and access to the social networks by every device, they fusion the real life with the virtual one. It is the multitasking generation, it does not meet on the cafeterias it meet on the online sphere where there are groups and communities.

Social Media allows them to personalize and customize its own space to show them as they are in the whole world. They don’t consider privacy, its purpose is to shout from the roof tops. They inspire about what they read on the blogs and let themselves advice by what it is said on forums or online communities and its purchase decisions are based on it: the advices and opinions of the virtual society.

In Ampliffy we know very well the young audience and we know by first hand that they are more predisposed to non conventional advertising. They extremely appreciate the added value content that entertain them, emotion them and offer a global and complete experience.

Below we show you an infographic by Flowtown that explains who are Millennials:

Friday, December 11, 2020

Online Experience

When it comes to purchase or consume a product once we asked our family or friends. Nowadays, due to the digital landscape we directly "google" the brand we are interested for and  we see the opinions of other users about it. This change of mind directly affects the process of buying, so the brand must be centered on the consumer, so he feels predisposed to choose it.

To achieve it, the trademark must first establish a strong Branding strategy provided with a stable reputation and, from here, it must always be aware of the user from a constant dialogue, offering real solutions in an immediate time and always remaining faithful to the brand values. It is basically to provide the user with all the necessary tools and information for him to be satisfied with the service and the attention.

In Ampliffy we are conscious that if the brand is capable of generating a positive online user experience, this will lead to a relationship that will trigger in an  habitual and repeated purchase and finally, in loyalty.


Source: www.pb.com 

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Branded Content Videos for Young Audience

In Ampliffy we like to define Branded Content as a content of entertainment that show the attributes and values of  a brand to approach to the consumer in a non intrusive way with the aim to strengthen the relation between user and trademark. That way is the user himself who is looking for that content as is interested and have curiosity for it.

Branded Content formats are infinite: from multimedia, radio programs, blogs, apps, short stories... The ideal is to create in on the digital environment as it is the one that offers more possibilities and presents more flexibility when it comes to integrate the brand in a natural and memorable way. What characterizes this new advertising format is that is usually cheap, its purpose is to generate online presence and presence on the users' mind to get durable relationships, it is very easy to share , so to become viral, it can be personalized, is the user who looks for it and its success lives on the emotional factor.

This last point is essential because young users above all value that the speech is emotional, so the offer of buying gets on a second place. Achieving that, the brand relieves its character to the consumer and if he enjoys with the content he will become the responsible of Ampliffy-ing the message and giving it another dimension. 



Source: http://brandedentertainmentonline.de/

Friday, December 4, 2020

Data Management Platforms (DMP)

Data Management Platforms are unified platforms that allow the organization and integration of information about any audience in any online, offline or mobile source. It is a system based in the user behavior, its interests and its demographic profile.

All this data gives the brand the opportunity to deeply know its audience, as its insights, to then develop a more effective strategy that can be adapted with an ideal content. In Ampliffy we advice the brands to use that system so advertisers can predict users' trends and know which medias are the most ideal and influents.

DMPs are a system that brings multiple benefits: a centralized audience and data, increases the productivity, there is a better management of campaigns, it can measure the costs and the brand influence and it is multichannel.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Synchronyze Comments in Social Media

In Ampliffy we got a question of what would happen if a brand had direct access and in real time to all that is commented about it in all social platforms? This was the beginning of the creation of an innovative system that allows the instant synchronization of the comments that appears on the different profiles and pages of a trademark. That way, each user can strike up and follow a conversation with another user that is on another network.

We are conscious of the huge change that new technologies have generated and so we have been adapted to the needs of brands and users. We consider that this method permits 3 big benefits: simplicity, immediacy and the possibility to connect with every user in every platform and in every device.

2.0 society is defined for the absence of barriers, we all share and express with freedom with the intention that the entire world notices it. So, what a better way to interact about the experience of a brand with all the online community?