Friday, January 24, 2014

Monetizing Online Traffic

Internet has become the media king to increase the income in a less cost than conventional media. It is  full of opportunities just brands can grow thanks to a bigger online and offline presence and impact. But when it comes to take profit of this new media, brands need to know very well the different platforms in which to invest and its working process, so they can adapt at its dynamic and choose a better focused message.

The models that monytorize the advertising inventory are very extensive, you can elect cpc, cpm, cpl, cpa, pcview, ppcall, ppvideo or pps depending on the marketing objectives. To get more benefits it is essential to opt for the formats that allows the net user to interact and so get better  informed on the brand in the different social networks to then share the content with its contacts, obtaining so a major number of potencial consumers.

In Ampliffy we offer a diversity of online platforms focused on a young target with very segmented characteristics and we bet for brands to choose display advertising, rich media, viral content, online videos like pre-roll ones or any format that is multimedia.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Data Exchanges

Data Exchanges are online markets in where the buying and selling process of information about consumers is done. This data is based on cookies, users IP or information that owns the publisher. There are different market models but the most frequent is by auction, through which each buyer determine the data value.

In Ampliffy we opt for this type of initiatives because they allow deeply know the insights of the multiple audiences and with that valuable information brands can arrive in a more effective way to its core target. 

Demand Side Platforms (DSP)

DSP or  Demand Side Platforms is a system that allows brands the centralization of ad impressions buying in different online platforms at the same time. Automatically, it identifies the best opportunities and rates according to the core target the brand is looking for. At the same moment it purchases all the available spaces until the budget is run out. The most habitual formats are display, video and mobile, it means all are purely multimedia.

In Ampliffy, the benefits we highlight are that it is an authomatic and swift process, there is a major control when it comes to manage the campaigns and the budget, it allows the brand to monitorize the invesment results in real time and see the progress and then it brings a better understanding of the interaction between user and brand. 

Below there is a video of UK IAB that visually explains all the process in the evolution of online display advertising:

Source: IAB UK -

Friday, January 10, 2014

Sales Houses

Sales Houses are in charge of directly and exclusively sell the advertising spaces in the digital environment. Their main function is to identify and segment the relevant audience that every advertiser needs to reach its marketing objectives through the ROI.

Sales Houses are a single point of access of a wide net of platforms that integrate personalized multichannel solutions, so they permit brands to choose the most related audience platforms.

In Ampliffy the benefits we highlight are that these organs allow a major control and monitorization, they offer a brand safe environment, they achieve direct response conversions thanks to a predictive optimization, they monetize the advertising inventory and they maximize the campaigns exposure.

Trading Desks

Trading Desks have become an effective system that alows the return of the advertising invesment with big warranties. It gives the possibility to advertisers to choose which specific target to get into through the buy and the sell of the advertising inventory in real time and in an auction model. This is possible thanks to the amount of Big Data that we can access to in only few seconds, getting so the opportunity to control and monetyze the information of the audience.

In Ampliffy we take into account that the main benefits are that it permits to access to a major inventary with a cheaper price, it brings more profitability to the brand so it can have a constant control by itself, it is a more effective an automatized process thanks to an integral management and it exists a real time optimization of each impression that is done in all the platforms.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Young Audience Big Data

We live surrounded by what is called Big Data, huge amounts of information which we have direct access from every device. Trying to manage these volume of contents has become a hard work, but thanks to prediction models we have the chance to make more right decissions.

In Ampliffy we put at disposal our Artificial Intelligence platform based on Big Data. We give special importance to the fact of deeping on the young audience insights, its behaviour, likes, hobbies and how does it interact with the brands so later one these ones can focus more precisely their online strategy and achieve their goals adapting their contents.

The access in real time of information alows us to discover how the young target thinks and acts and that helps when it comes to create experiences by the brands. If we take profit of this opportunity we can take advantage to any content that net users can expect.

Below we show you an infographic of Kapow that explains which are the different sources to obtain Big Data:

Audience Networks

Audience Networks are those whose its main function is to offer advertisers online platforms with very specific audiences based in different segmentation criterias.

The principal segmentations they present are by behaviour, demographic and psychographic profile, by emotional patterns o by determinated buying intentions.

In Ampliffy we put at disposal of advertisers a wide variety of targeted platforms under these criteria, that generates both brand and user meet on the same point and start interacting in a direct and quick way.

Below we show you a video from the UK IAB that explains how does the behavioural advertising works:

Source: IAB UK -

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

We Are Ready in Ampliffy!

Ampliffy is a technology company with its headquarters in Barcelona that enables Publishers to synchronize user comments between their websites and the social media in which they have a presence. Its goal is to increase website traffic and improve monetization of Publishers' content. Ampliffy has developed a Big Data-based AI platform to generate predictive models for real-time decision-making about its Advertisers' promotional investments and goals, with a twofold objective in mind: to achieve the best results for Advertisers and to maximize Publishers' revenues.

Ampliffy provides value for Publishers and online Advertising Buyers by offering in-depth knowledge of young audiences (ages +14-35) whose comments are synchronized on the company's technology platform. We know our audience and understand how to define its profiles: this enables us to sell our Publishers' advertising inventory more efficiently and fulfill all our Advertisers' online marketing needs. 

Contact us and we'll tell you more about how we can work together!