Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sharing Economy for Millennials

The collaborative economy, a concept that has been enhanced in these generation, is the main tool with which the millennials are changing the way they consume and share products and services. Taking by surprise the traditional system and innovating with digital platforms and collaboration between people, this trend is adopted in more and more industries.

Rent a flat with AirBnB, share journeys by car whit BlaBlaCar, buy some second hand products with Wallapop or even find a couple in Tinder are perfect examples of how this trend affects everyday life and requires a change of mind in the rules and people of actual societies to benefits all the sectors.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


A bunch of articles describing the Millennial profile and how they are changing work and the way of companies have to be is what we can find in a simple internet search nowadays.

But the best way to understand them and become in a best place to work for Millennials is as easy as go outside and ask their opinion about the things they want to be a happy worker.