Thursday, March 21, 2024

Top 5 Publisher's Question About The New IAB Video Specifications

We've broken down publishers' top questions to assist them in putting together a workable action plan to implement new IAB Tech Lab standards in the future.

To begin, let us quickly review the updated definitions of video ads:


when a page's primary advertisement appears before, during, or after user-requested video content, the player must indicate the user's purpose in watching the video (e.g., click-to-play).

Accompanying Content

when a video advertisement appears before, during, or after discoverable content (isn't the page's main focus but isn't ad-only). The player can choose to become sticky or floating once the video has just played once while in view. Remember that any Instream player that changes to sticky or floating later on becomes accompanying content. 

No Content / Standalone

This is a video ad without any streaming video content.


This video ad must occupy most of the viewport during playback, be the main emphasis of the website, and be unable to be scrolled out of view.

The New IAB Video Specifications FAQ for Publishers

  1. According to the revised definition, what qualifies a video as instream?

The most recent specification also classifies a video as instream if the user intends to watch it. This means that user requests and content matching are crucial. Regardless of whether the video plays automatically with sound, it is considered instream if it is the page's primary content. It's also crucial to remember that when a player changes to floating, it becomes accompanying content

  1. With the new rule, which KPIs do buyers prioritize the most when deciding their video content?

there is a prediction that the key performance indicators (KPIs) that buyers presently use to monitor the effectiveness of campaigns—like viewability and video completion rate (VCR)—will stay the same. The major change will be ‘how important the content relevancy to the audience.’ To cope with this, Ampliffy has a unique technology helps marketers ensure their advertisements appear in relevant contexts and reach audiences with the correct message at the right time. 

  1. How will these standards benefit publishers?

Publishers that prioritize providing their readers with high-quality experiences through instream and contextually relevant accompanying material according to the new standards will gain greater budgets from advertisers and audience engagement. Additionally, purchasers will gain more successful video ad campaigns. We anticipate seeing much more investment in video in the future and an improved overall customer experience, and these new standards are enhancing connectedness and transparency between buyers and sellers.

  1. With these reidentifications, will there be changes or drops in CPMs?

Based on the conversation among publishers, there haven't been any CPM consequences until now. However it is predicted that limited availability of instream inventory will cause an increasing price in the near future. So, marketers focusing solely on instream will face pressure from rising prices, so they must refocus their strategy to include alternative formats and associated content. In this case, we think that accompanying content video ads will be a great prospect in the future. There will be interest in out-stream as well, but since it will be a standalone ad experience and in less relevant surroundings for users, it will only be used in certain situations with more performance-driven advertisers. These adjustments will generate fair market value for high-quality, engaging content in relevant locations, even though the pricing dynamics will change temporarily.  Long-term, publishers who can produce meaningful instream and supplementary content experiences will be the most equipped to handle these changes. 

Check out Videoffy if you are a publisher seeking solutions to help you produce more instream content. Videoffy is a white-label video site supported by AmpliffyTV, which provides short-form videos on different topics.

  1. Is Ampliffy already applying these changes?

Ampliffy is continuously developing to meet any recent changes and standards. With our technology, Ampliffy will allow publishers to notify their inventory based on the updated values dynamically. This can be made available to all sources of demand. Publishers can easily engage in this activity through Ampliffy control panel to gain a better understanding during the process. On the other hand, we are communicating the new values to more DSPs, which will encourage publishers to contact premium advertisers.

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