Thursday, July 14, 2016

Millennials raising their voices

We already know that the Millennial generation is ready to get actively involved in the decisions of their country. An example of this is the reaction they have had of the recent results about the referendum made in the UK about leave or stay in the European Union, demonstrating that the majority are not agree..

Millennials blame older generation for voting to leave and stole their future but they know that their attitude and their power across manifestations that it shown repeatedly through social networks can change the course of this decision or get a better social conditions for them.

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  1. Millennials, Generation X, Y, etc. They're all definitions coined by experts on how they foresee these people. I think what is important is that each person regardless of what generation they may be, what matters is that everyone helps each other. Like how said it "The parent molds his child who will be the key to forming the future. Each one influences the youths actions and directions." For me, the preceding generation has a role to mold the new generation. Like the millennials for instance.


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