Thursday, June 15, 2023

BrandFormance: A New Advertising Approach

In today's fast-paced world, customers increasingly demand rapid satisfaction. They want things to be quick, convenient, and easily accessible. When it comes to advertising and purchasing, rapid movement is inevitable. Buyers want to get their products or service immediately. They also desire a simple shopping process, simple payment alternatives, and a user-friendly interface.

This situation has created BrandFormance, a new advertising approach to grab audiences' attention with easy direct engagement elements.

What Is BrandFormance?

BrandFormance is a term that combines two key aspects of marketing: branding and performance. It refers to a marketing approach aiming to achieve brand-building and measurable performance or direct response outcomes simultaneously. 

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Traditionally, branding and performance marketing have been viewed as separate strategies. With BrandFormance, marketers seek to bridge the gap between these two approaches and leverage their synergies.

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Why Is BrandFormance Important?

BrandFormance is the concept of building a strong brand while driving tangible results. It is a key element of marketing and advertising, focusing on the interaction of branding and performance. This approach recognizes that creating a strong brand is important, but it is not enough on its own. To be successful, brands must also deliver measurable business results.

There are a few reasons why BrandFormance is important:

  1. Lead to increased sales and revenue. With BrandFormance, brands can deliver the brand's story and value through a video, and this can build customer loyalty. When brands have good customer loyalty, sales and revenue will follow.

  2. Help brands to be more efficient and effective with marketing budgets. By focusing on branding and performance, brands can ensure that they invest in initiatives that will deliver both short-term and long-term benefits. This approach can help maximize the ROI of marketing investments and drive sustainable business growth.

  3. Create a cohesive customer experience that strengthens brand affinity while driving desired actions. This customer experience can lead to customer loyalty, which is essential for long-term success. At the same time, it can establish brand equity by creating a strong emotional connection with customers. This strong emotional connection increases brand loyalty and a willingness to pay.

  4. Find the right balance between building brand equity and achieving measurable results. It means that investing in BrandFormance not only increases brand awareness but also drives customer engagement and sales. 

How Does Brandformance Work

BrandFormance combines Branding and Performance, which are the main key aspect in the marketing world. By aligning branding and performance, companies can create a strong and consistent message that resonates with their target audience.

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BrandFormance displays a video ad campaign on publishers' sites that combines storytelling, value, product, and unique selling points, along with direct interaction elements such as sharing and call-to-action buttons that encourage the audience to book, call, or visit the brand's profile. 

The video ad format rates emotional connection with audiences, and the direct interaction elements are designed to make it easy for audiences to take action. By focusing on these elements, brands can build strong relationships with their target audience and drive meaningful results that impact the bottom line.

While the overall goal of campaigns is the same, the specific strategies and tactics used can vary greatly depending on the brand, industry, and marketing objectives. Additionally, the specific metrics used to measure the success of campaigns can also vary. Some brands focus on metrics such as social media engagement or website traffic, while others prioritize sales or lead generation.

Still trying to figure out the strategy and metrics of your ad campaign? Our professional team will guide you in deciding the best way to execute your BrandFormance ad campaign based on your brand, industry, and market objectives.

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In summary, BrandFormance is an important concept for businesses that want to build a strong brand while driving tangible business results. It recognizes the importance of branding and performance and helps companies be more effective and efficient with their marketing investments. By focusing on BrandFormance, companies can build strong, sustainable brands that deliver value to customers and shareholders.

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