Thursday, July 27, 2023

Publiffy: Infinite Scroll Down Technology for Publishers

Publiffy is a service that provides infinite scroll down, ad system, and Ampliffy TV (ATV) on publisher's website. It is designed to help publishers monetize their websites by entertaining and providing the audience with informative video content while also serving ads to generate revenue. 

The infinite scroll down allows the audience and visitors to scroll continuously on the page, creating longer online sessions. At the same time, the ad system delivers relevant ads to the users. ATV feature allows publishers to serve the audience video content with our video player technology that works both in desktop and mobile versions. With these three main features, Publiffy can help publishers increase their website's visibility, engagement, and revenue.

Infinite Scroll Technology (IST)

Infinite scrolling website is perfect for businesses and publishers to take their online presence to the next level. By converting your traditional desktop and mobile website into an infinite scroll website, you can improve your user's and audience's experience, creating a longer online session with more possible ads, and in the end resulting in more revenue.

Besides providing the content seamlessly, an infinite scrolling website also provides the website content in a visually appealing way. With this, the audience will experience faster load time and more intuitive navigation, resulting in a smooth and enjoyable browsing experience for the audience. 

Start upgrading your website with infinite scroll down and create a website that is both visually appealing and highly functional to increase engagement and overall revenue.

Adding infinite scroll cuts publisher bounce rates by 20-15%. It keeps the audience on the page longer by breaking down all barriers to new content and increasing the daily page review. Audiences visit an average of 30% more pages with infinite scroll. 

Ad System Technology (AST)

Ad System Technology (AST) is a new technology designed to create a balanced advertising setup that will maximize revenue without turning readers and shoppers away. This technology optimizes the advertising setup on any website or platform to ensure that ads are shown in a way that is most effective for revenue but not intrusive or overwhelming for the audience. AST uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze users' behavior and preferences and then adjust the ad setup accordingly. It also adjusts the ads to match the site's content so they are more likely to be relevant and interesting to the audience. This algorithm ensures that the audience doesn't feel overwhelmed by ads and is more likely to click on them, leading to increased revenue. AST helps publishers and advertisers achieve a balanced advertising setup that maximizes revenue in a comfortable way for the audience, allowing them to stay on the page for a longer time and generating more impressions each visit.

Our algorithm uses sophisticated machine-learning techniques to measure and place ads for maximum performance. As a result, our algorithm is able to determine the best placement for ads that will lead to the highest possible viewability over 80%, completion rate (70%), CTR (2,00%), and eCPM. This means that advertisers can get the most out of their ad budgets and ensure that their campaigns are as effective as possible. Our algorithm is constantly learning and evolving to ensure the best possible results for advertisers and publishers.

AST optimizes ad density and complies with the Google policy to reach global standards. Ensuring that the ad campaigns are successful and profitable. With AST, publishers are not only increasing revenue but also improving audience satisfaction. 

Ampliffy TV (ATV)

Infinite scroll technology, along with Ad System Technology, is nothing when you don't have the content. Publiffy provides the technology as well as the video content for the publisher's website.

Advertisements can be bothering to the audience. But advertisement is also one of the ways for publishers to earn revenue. It is a challenge for publishers to have content and optimization that are well-coordinated in order to create a better user experience. 

Integrating video content and video advertising into an endless scroll is one of the approaches to create a better user experience. Publiffy combines three technology (IST + AST + ATV) to give a fresh experience in online sessions and the advertising world. We enhance users' experience, publisher's revenue, and make the advertiser's campaign profitable reaching high viewability and high completion rates.

Our technology is able to reduce page weight, allowing the audience to have a quicker page load time. Publiffy loads your impressions instantly to deliver a full, immersive experience from the very first page.

We want you to have a better publishing site with Publiffy. 

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