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Ampliffy TV Video Guidelines, Standards, and Requirements

Producing high-quality video material takes time and effort, but it pays off. Storyboards, shot schedules, set planning, editing, and other tasks must all be planned and carried out.

We have prepared this resource to assist you in that process and become a creator for Ampliffy.

Minimum Standards and Guidelines

Whether created in-house or by an outside vendor, all multimedia and videos should strive to fulfill the basic standards set out by Amliffy.

We also advise adhering as closely as possible to industry-standard best practices and guidelines to produce the most polished and successful video.


  • No strobe or flashing effects.

  • Clear typography is essential.

  • Any text overlays must meet WCAG contrast requirements.

  • Any text must remain visible on the screen for the entire reading time.

  • Every image or graphic component must be high-resolution, clear, and crisp.

  • It is necessary to review any titles and text added to the video for accuracy, proper spelling, and punctuation.

  • Video output files should be in MOV or mp4.

  • A well-shot video has to be sharp, stable, well-framed, and have the right exposure and lighting.

  • The audio must be crisp and clear.


  • We prohibit the use of automated methods to manipulate the video metrics.

  • You are not permitted to make a video that impersonates another user.

  • Spam, fraud, and other dishonest activities that exploit Ampliffy platform are strictly prohibited.

  • Content that continuously discredits someone for their physical characteristics or because they belong to a protected group (due to age, handicap, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or race) is not permitted.

  • Ampliffy does not allow anything that promotes risky or unlawful behaviors that could cause serious harm or even death.

  • On Ampliffy, hate speech is not permitted.

  • Ampliffy does not accept content that support, encourages, or glorifies violent extremists or criminal organization.

  • Ampliffy does not allow videos that are graphic or violent with the intention of shocking viewers or that encourage others to carry out violent acts.

  • Ampliffy does not accept content that threatens minors' mental or physical health.

  • On Ampliffy, an explicit video meant to arouse sexual pleasure is prohibited.

  • Ampliffy prohibits posting videos that aim to sell firearms, instruct viewers on assembling firearms, ammunition, and certain accessories, or show users how to install these accessories.

  • Ampliffy does not permit the posting of content that is intended to promote specific regulated goods and services.

Videos Produced for Promotional Objectives

Videos made for marketing aim to advertise the brand to potential customers and targeted audiences. To make the most of your resources, Ampliffy can put you in touch with premium advertisers who might want to use your video project as their advertising campaign.

Ensure you understand all the standards, best practices, and requirements for videos from Ampliffy. It will be easier for you to organize the finances and logistics of your video project if you are aware of the technical and production requirements.

Why Do You Have to Follow This Standard?

These minimum standards and guidelines will guide you to produce and publish high-quality videos, technically and contextually.

  • When a website offers a poor-quality video, 77% of viewers will quit watching.

  • 85% of consumers expect internet videos to have TV-level quality.

  • 62% of customers will have a bad impression of your brand if you release a low-quality video.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Is Video the Ideal Format of Internet Media?

Visual media like video is the best way to communicate the information. Text will never compare to video. Including video content in marketing strategy is the best bet to enhance audience engagement, get more traffic, or build brand awareness.

Do You Have Time for a Video?

A high-quality video requires extensive planning, shooting, and editing. It might take more than several weeks. Give your video production to us,  and let us help you make it more discoverable and monetize it.

What Is The Content of Your Video?

  • Advertising or brand recognition user review video.

  • Give advice or instruction.

  • Education intended.

Which Story Are You Trying to Say?

  • Making a storyboard might help you brainstorm the screenplay and the images. It will help you save time and budget.
  • Pinpoint the message or ideas you want to transmit with your video.

  • Check your sources: will you have to use archive film or conduct interviews?

Ampliffy is a video platform for creators that helps you reach your target audience effectively. We offer monetization and distribution solutions for your videos through our content management system (CMS).

By partnering with premium publishers and advertisers, we enable you to gain views and generate revenue from your videos.

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