Wednesday, February 21, 2024

How Ampliffy's Videoffy Solution Empowers Publishers in the New IAB Landscape

The digital advertising landscape constantly evolves, and publishers face new challenges in effectively reaching their audiences. With the rise of ad blockers and inappropriate ad inventory,  online advertising methods are becoming more challenging. So, publishers must stay ahead of the game and find innovative ways to engage users. IAB and Google have made a movement and updated the video publisher's policy to ensure the quality of video ads and user experience remain qualified.

But what exactly is the IAB video publisher's update, and how does it impact publishers? Let's delve into that next!

What is the IAB’s and Google’s video publisher’s video policy, and how it affects publishers

The IAB, or Interactive Advertising Bureau, is an industry organization that sets standards and guidelines for online advertising. It is crucial in shaping the digital advertising landscape and significantly impacts publishers.

Taking effect from April 1, 2024, all video inventory that is monetized by publishers who use Ad Manager, AdMob, and AdSense will be subject to new publisher policies. Publishers must adhere to these guidelines when creating and displaying their video content. By doing so, they ensure that their ads meet industry standards and provide a better user experience.

Understanding how the IAB and Google video publisher’s video policy affects publishers is essential for effectively navigating the changing landscape of online advertising. By staying informed about industry standards the IAB sets, publishers can make informed decisions about their ad inventory while ensuring compliance with regulations.

The challenges faced by publishers in the new IAB landscape

The new IAB landscape has brought about significant challenges for publishers in online advertising. Publishers now are facing obstacles when generating revenue from their ad inventory. 

One of the major challenges publishers face is adapting to the new regulations. With this update, approximately 90% of the video material formerly in-stream is now categorized as out-stream. So, publishers must ensure their video inventory aligns with the new IAB tech lab regulation.

Managing the video content itself is not easy work. As more and more users prefer consuming information through videos, publishers need to adapt and invest in video strategies to stay relevant. However, creating high-quality video content requires time, resources, and expertise that may not be readily available for all publishers.

Another challenge is managing ad inventory effectively to align with the new regulation. With many platforms available, including social media giants like Facebook and YouTube, dominating the space, it can be difficult for smaller publishers to compete and monetize their content effectively.

Furthermore, ensuring brand safety has become a crucial concern for publishers. In an era where fake news and controversial content can easily spread across various channels, advertisers are becoming increasingly cautious about where their ads appear. Publishers need robust solutions that provide transparency and control over their ad placements.

In addition to these challenges, there is a growing demand for white-label video sites - customizable platforms that allow brands or individuals to create their own branded video channels without investing in extensive development efforts. This is a suitable solution for the publisher’s challenges.

Introducing Ampliffy’s Videoffy white label video site

Ampliffy's Videoffy solution is an innovative platform that helps publishers address these challenges. By providing factual and updated video content material along with easy-to-use tools for creating engaging videos quickly, Videoffy enables even non-experts to produce professional-looking video content effortlessly. It has comprehensive management features that allow seamless organization of ad inventory while ensuring brand safety measures and updated guidelines at all times.

All the ad inventories by Ampliffy meet the updated standard and regulations of Google Ad and IAB Tech Lab. The factual video content is also provided in many topics publishers can choose and customize based on their branding. So, publishers won’t be worried about producing and managing the video content. By delivering personalized content, Videoffy ensures higher engagement rates and increased conversions for advertisers and publishers.

Lastly, Videoffy offers white-label customization options, enabling publishers to customize their brand identity. This customization feature gives them full control over the design and layout of their video platform, creating a cohesive brand experience for users, including a logo, color scheme, and layout to create a unique and personalized video site. This can strengthen brand identity and customer loyalty.

One feature of Videoffy is its ability to deliver targeted and relevant video ads in real time. Publishers can maximize their revenue by serving ads based on user demographics, interests, and behaviors. Along with the Ampliffy control panel, publishers can track key metrics such as views, clicks, conversions, and revenue generated from each campaign or ad placement. Enterprises can now reach new heights by leveraging this cutting-edge solution offered by Ampliffy.

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