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Always Remember These while Monetizing Your Website

Website monetisation is one of the greatest and most popular methods for publishers and content creators to get income and revenue. SEO and website monetization go hand in hand. You will make more money from ads if your site has more traffic and a higher search engine ranking. But if your website monetization approach fails, it can negatively impact your website's accessibility and reputation and undo your hard work in search engine optimization!

This post describes 5 things to always remember for publishers when monetizing their websites to avoid mistakes.

  1. Don't use too many monetization platforms at once.

Scripts from several monetization partners that are active at the same time on your website can slow down your page load time and interfere with each other, making your advertisements appear broken or not show at all. This tells search engines that users aren't finding what they're looking for on your website, which depresses your ranking. Because user experience is a top priority for search engines like Google, they advise against intrusive advertising on your website. 

  1. Choose ad formats and placements that perform well.

The ad formats you choose for your website should be ideal and based on user activity. Some audiences have very specific tastes when it comes to ads, and they can be irritated if you have inappropriate ad formats and placements on your website. Please remember that ads that interrupt the content of a website are annoying to everyone. When visitors become irritated, they will leave your website, which will ultimately lower your CPM.

In this case, in-stream ad inventory would be an alternative as it is the least intrusive video ad. In-stream ads only appear when the users intend to watch the video, so they can be easily segmented. Besides, they also have a skip button feature to make it less intrusive. The only challenge with in-stream ads is that publishers need to have video content, but with the help of AmpliffyTV and Videoffy, now every publisher can have engaging short-form video content to monetize.

  1. Avoid intrusive advertising

Displaying unwanted and disruptive advertisements to audiences is known as intrusive advertising. These can be unexpected pop-ups, auto-play videos that play automatically, or advertisements that open in new tabs or windows. Intrusive ads will make users abandon your website, resulting in increased bounce rates and low engagement. 

  1. Focus on producing high-quality content

Poor-quality content usually lacks key elements that search engines and consumers need. Your content must be factual, updated, knowledgeable, and valuable to be considered qualified. Producing poor-quality content will also ruin your SEO efforts, annoy users, and raise red flags with search engines.

  1. Don’t place too many ads.

An excessive number of advertisements on your website can limit consumers' ability to engage with your content, lowering the user experience and your website's search engine rankings. 

The length of your content, the design of the page, and user behavior all affect how many adverts you can have on each page. However, it is advised that the amount of ads should not be more than 30% to 70% of the content. 

Monetize Your Website with Ampliffy!

As a publisher, it saves you time and money to concentrate on creating content and leave website monetization to a dependable partner like Ampliffy! Even better, we can also supply video content so that you can focus on other content in different formats.

The following are the top 5 advantages of using Ampliffy for website monetization:

  • We let you sell your ad space for the best price possible by connecting your ad inventory to premium demand partners

  • Ampliffy will maintain the ideal balance between your advertisements and content, so you don't need to worry about it. Furthermore, Ampliffy displays only ad types approved by IAB Tech Lab.

  • We increase ad revenue without interfering with the user's browsing experience. Ampliffy uses an algorithm and technology to serve video ads based on user activity.

  • Ampliffy’s professional team will assist you with any problems. Our IT and AdOps team will handle technical issues and update you on industry developments and regulatory changes.

  • With Ampliffy’s control panel, which offers daily monetization progress, performance, and viewership data, you can monitor the profitability of your website.

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