Thursday, May 23, 2024

How to Boost Ad Revenue for Publisher?

Publishers have struggled lately with a decline in ad revenues due to traffic loss. Because consumers use ad blockers and browsers that block cookies, publishers have lost visibility across 70% of the internet. Ad blocking is predicted to cost publishers $54 billion in lost ad revenue globally by 2024. 

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But despite this difficult environment, there are strategies that publishers can follow to achieve success in the next year.

The following strategies can help publishers boost ad revenue:

Updated Analysis, Pricing, and Packaging Optimization

The first step is to choose the programmatic platform wisely. When publishers partner with a professional and updated programmatic platform, they can have access to updated pricing and packaging that lead to higher revenue. When choosing a programmatic partner, choose a platform that provides updated statistics, which could be real-time or daily. To optimize the value of their inventory, publishers require actionable updated data that enables them to make smart business decisions. Analytics systems that supply outdated data have been an obstacle to many publishers, making it challenging to implement flexible and smart packaging strategies.

Have an In-Depth Performance Comparison

Publishers should consider employing analytics that provides them with comparative perspectives of the wider market. Publishers that do comparative analytics can see how different ad sizes and formats are doing in comparison to their rivals. When employing this analytic strategy with updated data, publishers can determine whether their packaging tactics for display, mobile, and video ads—as well as other ad formats—need to be adjusted.

Connect With Premium Advertisers

Besides the comparison analytics, publishers can also significantly boost programmatic demand for their inventory by identifying buyers who place advertisements on their websites. Identify advertisers that likely put high bidding on ad space. This vital information may help publishers find new advertising partners and raise demand overall. It's among the most effective methods for publishers to use programmatic data promise. Sometimes, finding a premium advertiser partner is quite hard, and many publishers rely on trusted ad exchange agencies to connect with premium brands. A reliable ad exchange sometimes also offers more benefits, for example, providing ad inventories in different types and formats, such as instream, interstitials, display ads, video ads, audio ads, native ads, and more.

Ampliffy helps publishers with analytic activity by providing them with daily updated data. As an ad exchange, we are also a connector between premium publishers and premium advertisers, helping with ad distribution and monetization focusing on a young audience. Click here to find out more about Ampliffy's service for publishers.

We are an ad exchange company, Ampliffy. Publishers use our technology to generate revenue from their content on various screens and formats, such as audio, display, and online video. The top brands and agencies worldwide rely on our platform to handle billions of monthly advertising transactions and gain premium access to brand-safe ad inventory. Ampliffy is headquartered in Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Guatemala, Indonesia, Peru, the Philippines, Mexico, the United States, Uruguay, India, Ecuador, Singapore, and Japan. 

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