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Maximizing Revenue with Advanced Ad Technologies: Exploring Prebid, Header Bidding for Video, and AI-driven Ad Optimization.

Unlock the full potential of digital advertising with cutting-edge ad technologies. Dive into the world of Prebid, header bidding, and AI-driven ad optimization to maximize the result of ad campaigns and monetization revenue. Discover new possibilities and stay ahead of the competition in the fast-paced


Prebid works based on header bidding, in which several demand partners participate in an auction for every ad impression. To use Prebid, a publisher needs to include a little JavaScript code in the header of their website. This code takes advantage of the Prebid library, which asks all of the demand partners that the publisher has set up to submit bids. In response, the demand partners provide their bid price along with additional relevant information like targeting parameters and ad creative.

Afterwards, Prebid holds an auction to decide on the highest price for every ad impression while accounting for any targeting preferences the publisher may have specified. The ad server receives the winning offer and uses it to serve the advertisement to the user's browser.

Header Bidding

Website owners use header bidding technology to sell advertising possibilities through programmatic markets. This technology maximizes online ad value through real-time auctions.

Header bidding works in a time-tested mechanism or auction. In an auction, every prospective buyer can view the impression at the same time and place a bid to win it. This guarantees a reasonable price for the impression and accelerates the distribution of the advertisement.

Header bidding allows publishers to collaborate with more customers. Additionally, header bidding makes it easier for advertisers to locate their target markets and create more successful advertising campaigns.

How Header Bidding Works for Video Ad

Now let's examine header bidding works for video ads:

For most sellers, header bidding is part of an advertising technology stack. Known as the "header bidding wrapper," this component collaborates closely with the seller's main ad server.

The header bidding wrapper loads simultaneously with the web page. The wrapper notifies prospective buyers that an impression is available for sale by sending bid requests and starting an auction for the available ad spaces on the page.

The buyers react in a split second with bids that include the appropriate information, the amount they are willing to pay, and the video ad they wish to serve. The header bidding wrapper then gathers these bids and forwards them to the primary video ad server.

The video ad server evaluates the bids along with those of other prospective buyers and determines the winner. Header bidding bids within the video ad server are price-based and do not impact delivering sponsorship, guaranteed, or reserved campaigns. After selecting a header bidding buyer, the video ad server collaborates with the wrapper to render the video ad to the page.

How AI is Revolutionizing Ad Optimization

With AI's capabilities now at their disposal, the advertising industry has access to powerful weapons that combine information-based insight, quick decision-making skills, and magic technology to optimize ad campaigns!

Imagine running an ad campaign while balancing many other ad optimization tasks and other digital marketing strategies to deliver brand messages to the right audiences. It sounds stressful! But with the help of AI, advertisers or even publishers can get the most out of advertisement and monetization because AI can analyze massive amounts of data rapidly and smoothly.

Let's take a moment to review the definitions of automatization and optimization. Digital advertising has included automatization for a long time, but its influence is limited. In this case, AI steps in to boost advertising operations’ efficiency.

By utilizing machine learning algorithms, AI can rapidly examine enormous data sets to identify trends and make real-time decisions to improve advertising campaigns' success. AI functions similarly to having someone with access to a sophisticated crystal ball, able to predict the behaviors of customers by identifying the most effective techniques and continuously improving them to ensure the best results.

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