Thursday, February 4, 2021

Online Branding

If a brand has no presence on the network, it does not exist. The brand is the soul and the promise to the consumer, so we have to create a holistic and multi-channel strategy that includes and integrates both social networking platforms such as online advertising for a brand to differentiate and position .

In Ampliffy we believe that to build an online reputation, and thus occupy a position in the minds of consumers, it is essential to get brand awareness so then it will be recognized and associated to a set of specific values. We must begin, therefore, understanding exactly who the consumer is and what its characteristics are, what moves and interests him to connect with him by providing the brand of content and meaningful , interesting , relevant and current messages.

Online branding is configured as a system that increases the level of user memory by giving voice to the brand. Appealing to the emotional factor is a very effective system and thanks to the technique of storytelling and a great creativity a brand can easily reach very high visibility to generate an immediate online reputation.


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