Thursday, February 11, 2021

Social Media: The Big Challenge for Advertisers

¿What seems a better option to impact and reach Internet users? This is one of the great challenges Advertisers have when choosing which creative proposal is the most successful and generate more profitability and effectiveness.

But sometimes they forget that behind a screen is a much more complex and demanding user. Social Media have become the king media to spread advertising campaigns and to talk about brands and companies but what is alarming for them is that sometimes users don't care about it. Consumers tend to rely more on other users, thus acting as prescribers, and the recommendation has been imposed on the voice of the brand itself. 

Faced with this problem, ¿how can Advertisers act? The best option seems to be by convincing the user and reinventing the message, turn the advertising content that consumers will want to look and be part of it. But the most important is that he personalizes the message by his interests. This is Social Media background and brands only need to truly listen the users to better know how to act.

Then we leave an infographic from Flowtown showing growth trends of advertising in Social Media:


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