Thursday, August 31, 2023

How to Improve Your Video Viewability

In order to maximize video revenue on their site, publishers need to ensure that they have a high viewability first because higher revenue equates to better viewability. In fact, a 20% improvement in viewability might raise the unit's CPM by as much as 25%, according to Primis study. 

Maximizing video viewability can be challenging. First of all, let’s understand two types of viewability:

  • Display Viewability

A minimum of 50% of its pixels must be visible for one second.

  • Video Viewability

A minimum of 50% of its player pixels must be visible for two seconds.

Here are the top things to take into account to raise your video viewability rates and consequently boost your revenue that is important for publishers.

Understand your audience.

Learn to recognize their behavior. Pay attention to the pages and areas where people are spending most time and generating greatest interaction. Learn to recognize their behavior on your particular website.

Have relevant high-quality content.

Consider what kind of material your audience could find while you are inside their heads. If you have a video idea, consider whether your target audience would be interested in seeing it. Feel free to upload your video if you have an affirmative response.

It is essential to present each user with relevant content. Concentrate on what users are supposed to see, including the appropriate video material to boost the video’s overall quality.

Your video viewability will naturally rise if you show and engage relevant content.

Pay attention on video placement.

It can be challenging to determine the video placement. There is a lot of aspect regarding the video placement. It is not only the term of location to display the video, but also determining if the video better inside or outside the content page, as well as to provide both desktop and mobile view. There is no one right solution to this, therefore you should always keep testing various page positions and feature combination until you find the best placement. Remember that different video designs, formats, ratio, and sizes will probably need to be used on various placement on your website page.

Pay attention on size and video duration.

You should make sure that users will keep engaged and entertained as long as possible. Advertisers will be glad to bid higher CPMs on the inventory as you keep making the video unit bigger.

The majority of people have limited attention spans, therefore it’s crucial to make your video brief and direct. Aim for 30-seconds or shorter videos.

You can also increase the viewability by applying collapsing player technique. This technique allows device follows the users down the page as they scroll down, make them stay with the video entire time. 

Be friend with technology.

Maintaining a high viewability rate requires the use of appropriate technologies. It is crucial to embrace the most recent technology. Additionally, a responsive player is necessary to allow the video to fit correctly on any device, not just mobile.

Dealing with technology can be a daunting task, especially not everyone can engage with technology easily. The easiest way to adapt technology into your video is by joining Ampliffy video discovery. One single step to register and let us do the rest for you.

So, why are you still waiting? Publish and make your video visible right away! 

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