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What Kind of Websites Does the Young Generation Like?

If you are targeting the young generation for your website, it is crucial to ensure that your site is user-friendly and convenient for them. The key is to have a website that is optimized for mobile and has eye-catching graphics.

The millennial generation has overtaken the baby boomer generation in size and spending power. The first generation that has grown up with the internet and is considered technologically advanced are the millennials, born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s.

Advertisers will need new marketing tactics to reach high-tech millennial generations, and your website is the best place to start. Millennials will more evaluate your brand through your website and online presence than any other generation. 

Before designing a website for the young generation, it is better to understand their characteristics first. Read our article to learn more about the characteristic of millennials and Gen Z.

What Kind of Websites Does the Young Generation Like?

  1. A user-friendly website with relevant content.

Due to the high amount of information accessible online, users are increasingly choosing to get information via YouTube, social media, and media websites rather than individual websites.

Even if your website is beautifully designed, visitors will leave the page fast if they cannot locate what they are searching for. To make it simple for a web visitor to explore your website, arrange the pages in a logical and intuitive manner. Avoid creating lengthy pages with a lot of material. Then post distinct calls to action on the website's main page and other strategic locations.

According to a Visual Objects survey, digital communication channels are currently more popular than phone calls when it comes to contacting a business. The most often used channels are email, social media, and contact forms, with social media leading the pack among millennials. Ensure you provide online forms and links to your social media accounts and other digital contact alternatives on your website.

  1. A website with high-quality content and modern design.

Millennials are more internet-savvy and picky about a company’s online appearance than older generations. Your website is the first impression of your company. So, make the investment in a high-quality design with relevant content. Work with a knowledgeable web designer and make the page simpler to read by utilizing white space and visuals to direct visitors’ eyes to specific content.

Think about using a content management system (CMS) to provide the content. You may keep up with the most recent content using a well-liked CMS platform without completely re-designing your website. If you are unsure how to start managing the content, try the CMS from Ampliffy to provide up-to-date video content with wide topics.

  1. A website that is convenient for mobile.

According to Nielsen Mobile Insights, 98% of millennials in 2019 own a smartphone, which they use to browse and interact with companies online. 

If your website isn’t responsive to mobile devices, some users might leave your site right away. When a website is mobile responsive, its content automatically resizes to accommodate the visitor’s device. This will bring more convenience to the users.

  1. A unique website.

Young generation seek out unusual and adventurous experiences. Take some chances on your website to provide a satisfying user experience.

Push the boundaries and attempt something new, like tiny animations, humorous memes relevant to your content, and interesting articles that explain concepts easily.

You might need to engage in rebranding work if your company and identity were created for the baby boomer generation. This can include changing your logo or your color palette.

  1. A website with video content and interactive components.

The young generation really likes videos.

Millennials have strong visual literacy, so they are accustomed to learning through text and visual media like photography and video. More than 64% of millennial respondents to a TechSmith poll claimed they comprehend material more quickly when presented graphically.

Video is one of the finest interactive elements since it may easily build an emotional bond with website visitors. One choice is to include a video on the front page of your website. Having a dedicated video site to inform and entertain your audience is even better. Creating and organizing a video site could be a complicated task. In this case, you can have a white-label video site by Ampliffy and publish your video site with no hassle.

Websites Are Essential Marketing Tools to Target The Young Generation

Even though engaging with the young generation may seem difficult, starting sooner than later can benefit your company more. 

By stepping up your internet approach, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain because the young generation has enormous purchasing power.

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