Thursday, November 24, 2016

How to Reach Millennial Generation via Social Media

There's no better place to find Millennials than the Internet. The technological advances and the creation of new social networks have changed the mentallity of this generation, in fact, they evaluate the content which is published in this new enviromment, being more susceptible to be influenced by the comments generated by others.

According to a survey conducted by Fluent, Facebook is positioned as the favorite Social Network for Millennial women but it has been the pioneer of this digital transformation, for this reason, it's common to find there the older members of this generation.

YouTube is being stronger each day because the creators of content of this generation are transforming theirselves into an influencers and being the reference channel for the customers purchase decisions.

Instagram, the social network known for sharing photos is the favorite one of the younger generations and where their attention can surely be captured, if the campaigns which are being developed, fit with kind of content. Taking into account the new features presented last year, definitely, it's the place to be.

Finally, Snapchat is a new network preferred by the youngest of this generation. Snapchat includes referenced filters being for the market a great opportunity to capture and viralize its brand content and convert them into prosumers.

Undoubtedly, a good communication strategy coupled with the analysis of these networks, it's a great opportunity to develop creative campaigns that our audience will love, keeping in their mind our brand communication.

Fuente: Fluent


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