Thursday, July 8, 2021

10 Habits of Generation Z

Generation Z, formed by all those who born from 1995 to 2010, is a challenge for companies because they have to be adapted to this new target and the new market trends. They have the peculiarity that they were born and grew up in an environment full of gadgets and new technologies, in fact, they have accustomed to find almost immediately what they are looking for through this new technologies.

This group represents 20% of the world's population and companies are studying the consumption behaviour of this group of young people because it is different from the Millennials buying behaviour.

In spite of being very similar to Millennials, this generation is changing its habits and using technology of its social surroundings more consciously than its predecessors, as the way it shows the following infographic developed by the website ticsyformación.

Source: ticsyformació


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    It is an interesting thing how generation z people are so willing to get everything they want in shortest periods of time. They are very fast living human beings. Everytime there is no time.

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