Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The Future Consumers

Currently, Millenials are dominating the communication of brands as consumers, but in a few years, their position will be shared with the children who are called Generation Z, in fact, they are taking a leading role increasingly in the decision purchase maked by their parents and sometimes by themselves.

We are starting to notice how these generation have significant differences with their predecessors, from their aspirations to their way of communication on the online enviroment which will change to a new status quo that certainly has to be analyzed in advance to adapt to their new trends.

That's why it is necesary to analyze the information that we have from them so, like the Millennial Generation, would be possible to define their characteristics and find the most effective way of communication.

The following infographic by Marketo shows the main differences of this generation and gives us a fairly broad context of how it is positioned within the mainstream media.

Source: Marketo


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