Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Branded Content Videos for Young Audience

In Ampliffy we like to define Branded Content as a content of entertainment that show the attributes and values of  a brand to aproach to the consumer in a non intrusive way with the aim to streghten the relation between user and trademark. That way is the user himself who is looking for that content as is interested and have curiosity for it.

Branded Content formats are infinite: from multimedia, radio programs, blogs, apps, short stories... The ideal is to create in on the digital environment as it is the one that offers more possibilities and presents more flexibility when it comes to integrate the brand in a natural and memorable way. What characterizes this new advertising format is that is usually cheap, its purpose is to generate online presence and presence on the users’s mind to get durable relationships, it is very easy to share , so to become viral, it can be personalyzed, is the user who looks for it and its success lives on the emocional factor.

This last point is essencial because young users above all value that the speech is emocional, so the offer of buying gets on a second place. Achieving that, the brand relieves its character to the consumer and if he enjoys with the content he will become the responsible of ampliffying the message and giving it another dimension. 



Source: http://brandedentertainmentonline.de/

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