Friday, December 18, 2020

Display for Young Audience

In Ampliffy we work with display advertising formats because when designing campaigns with high level of impact they are ideal thanks to the infinite range of creative possibilities. What is more, they also allow achieving brand awareness and online branding objectives.

The essential when creating a display campaign , and more aimed at a young audience, is the good choice of the media - address to as many media the target group could be in order to get more impacts- and a good dose of creativity. Bet on rich media is the best choice for its attractive and powerful character that can capture the attention of the net user and get a direct interaction .

The benefits presented are several, but the main ones are that its cost is quite low, it generates visibility and produces an image and positioning in the consumer's mind that helps that  after being impacted by advertising  he goes to the brand social networks to learn more in depth and generate conversation with other Internet users. So it is advisable that when you create the brand strategy this integrates all the display advertising  in its online platforms.



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