Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Synchronyze Comments in Social Media

In Ampliffy we got a question of what would happen if a brand had direct access and in real time to all that is commented about it in all social platforms? This was the beginning of the creation of an innovative system that allows the instant synchronization of the comments that appears on the different profiles and pages of a trademark. That way, each user can strike up and follow a conversation with another user that is on another network.

We are conscious of the huge change that new technologies have generated and so we have been adapted to the needs of brands and users. We consider that this method permits 3 big benefits: simplicity, immediacy and the possibility to connect with every user in every platform and in every device.

2.0 society is defined for the absence of barriers, we all share and express with freedom with the intention that the entire world notices it. So, what a better way to interact about the experience of a brand with all the online community?

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