Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Online Impact

Social Media has been organized as the preferred media by brands to get awareness. But this new media, according to the time we are in, has acquired a great level of exigence and this have an effect on the brands‘s online strategies.

The trademark must take into account the realization of an strategy that combines and synchronyzes advertising online actions with social networks, with the purpose of increasing and strike up conversations between the net users in a natural and spontaneous way. If the brand creates personalyzed and correct messages for each target group it has much more possibilites that users get  identified and consequently get involved giving the content and the information a more wide dimension.

In Ampliffy we are convinced that to achieve a greater impact is better to use techniques with an emotional tone like the storytelling as they captivate more the user and for viral pieces that because of its own nature they will spread in all the virtual reality and obtain awareness and presence. 


Source: www.visiblemeasures.com

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