Friday, December 11, 2020

Online Experience

When it comes to purchase or consume a product once we asked our family or friends. Nowadays, due to the digital landscape we directly "google" the brand we are interested for and  we see the opinions of other users about it. This change of mind directly affects the process of buying, so the brand must be centered on the consumer, so he feels predisposed to choose it.

To achieve it, the trademark must first establish a strong Branding strategy provided with a stable reputation and, from here, it must always be aware of the user from a constant dialogue, offering real solutions in an immediate time and always remaining faithful to the brand values. It is basically to provide the user with all the necessary tools and information for him to be satisfied with the service and the attention.

In Ampliffy we are conscious that if the brand is capable of generating a positive online user experience, this will lead to a relationship that will trigger in an  habitual and repeated purchase and finally, in loyalty.



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