Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Introducing Gen C, more than one age group

Generation C is the name we use to define this group of people which are connected to new technologies. In fact, they grew up at the same time technology progressed. This group of people are really interested to know about the brands and to contact with companies. The rules have changed, currently, the companies have to tell an story to them, because this target expect to be identified with the vision and mission of one brand.

For example, Etsy, a trading company, has reached the main goal which is to understand the needs of this generation adapting its website to them. That's why, the owners belong to this generation, they implemented a great strategy to solve their customer's problems directly through online workshops.

This generation have different characteristics to consider in your strategy if you want to connect with them: 
  1. Gen C is involved with social media, they talk to companies through blogs, forums and social networks.
  2. As a brand, you have to peer your social networks to answer your clients questions at the moment, the goal is to solve their problems instantly.
  3. They are active consumers, actually, after seeing a commercial on YouTube or in another channel, they go on to buy that product.
  4. Gen C is so passionate, if they like a brand, they want to find subscribers who will join a community around the brand.
  5. This target, consume video a lot, a 76% visit YouTube weekly and a 36% daily.
  6. They are not passive users, they usually create contents to share it in social media. This is a great infographic about how many times, Gen C creates content at least once a month: 

Source: ThinkWithGoogle

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