Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Millennials and the myths they have to deal with

This generation has been one of the most analized generations in those last years. Gen Y is on the Internet, companies started to be interested in them when they realised that Millennials are in social media all the time. Moreover, they are involved in a lot of myths.

Brad Harrington, the executive director of Boston College Center for Work & Family, decided to make a survey to 1.100 professional Millenials in order to belie all those myths. This study denied the next 8 myths:

Myth 1: Millenials want to change their jobs constantly
Everyone thinks that Millennials want to change their job for another job in a short time and this fact is not true. A 60% prefer to maintain their job.

Myth 2: Prefer technology than people
They prefer to work with their team through the Internet because it is a quick way to communicate each other.

Myth 3: Their parents are involved in their decisions
This is totally a lie, they are able to take a decision without the influence of their parents.

Myth 4:They follow the gender roles
Currently, there are more men willing to stay at home without a job than women, if their couple gain a good salary.

Myth 5:They don't work hard
Millennials prefer to have more responsability in their jobs and to take challenges.

Myth 6: Their carreer is the tool to measure their success
They have to have time for their family, in fact, they are willing to refuse a job if they cannot have time for their social life.

Myth 7: They have more social awareness
In the survey, we could see that this is not the most important fact for them.

Myth 8: They refuse the commitment
Generation Y doesn't refuse the commitment. They usuale don't get married or buy a house because of economic problems.

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