Thursday, April 15, 2021

The relationship between Generation C and the online video

The online video consumption is rising up unavoidable. Even though, Millennials is the target which consume more and more these videos, we can establish a new target called "Generation C". This generation is characterized by people who are in the following age range, 13-54 years old and their behaviour is based on the 4 C ´S: Creation, Connection, Community and Curation.

A lot of people are part of this content generation, for that reason, companies should create an interesting content, therefore,  the Gen C will maintain a bidirectional conversations with the brands. It is important to know that this target prefer the video format than another format.

Why is it relevant to create video content? Because these people want to consume that. They are used to create content and they expect  these brands create interesting information and creative videos. If they like or love your content, they will become prescribers and hence, influencers. This is the key of the success because the potential customers believe in the users opinions more than the companies information.

What should a brand do to reach this target?

  1. First of all, a brand should know that the king of the formats is the video. Multimedia content are more attractive and allows to nurture the campaigns with a better creativity.
  2. The content should be like water, this means, it have to be adapted to all the screens. For example, It is common to find websites and microsites which are not adapted to the mobile screen, this is a mistake because makes difficult the user's navigation hurting the brand image.
  3. If you create a video, you will have to put tags, that is really good because you are going to improve your SEO.
  4. Your videos should be in the main platforms which are visited by your clients or potential customers.

Source: SMBP

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