Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Mobile banking: The new way to spend money

Smartphones run the world. Around 2.6 billion people own an smartphone and use it actively. This figure will increase by 2020, that means, 6.1 billion people who will be a 70 percent of the world's population who will have a smartphone. This fact is changing the way to buy, the way to communicate each others and the way to manage the banking.

After a huge survey, 235 people, they have determined some highlights of the mobile consumer in 2015:
  1. Brick and Mortar banking is not too popular, over half of the people surveyed use online banking and over one-third part of them use mobile apps. 
  2. Millennials is the key generation, they are trailblazers using smartphones and mobile apps. They are usually aware of the latest developments. 
  3. The generation before Millennials, Gen X, are starting to use mobile apps related with the banking but they need to trust in that App to use it, they need to feel secure when it comes of personal data and money. 
  4. User's experience and App's usability is a critical point. If an App runs slowly, users would uninstall it or stop to using it.
Currently, banks have an opportunity to reach young people and to change customer behaviour. If they create a good and a secure App, that fact could be an advantage over their competitors. By 2017 in US, 108 million people will use mobile banking. 

Smartphones are becoming something so personal, and the iGeneration, Millennials who trust in their devices to make a lot of things, are not afraid of the Internet, moreover, banks and brands have a huge job with GenX, because they see this media like a nightmare, the new objective is to convince them to trust on the Internet and to make easy and attractive Apps to engage both generations.

Source: Crittercism

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