Friday, January 15, 2021

Online Brand Awareness

The biggest challenge of a brand is that consumers talk well about it, and consequently, they buy or consume it. To achieve that, the most effective way is by getting a great awareness, presence and influence and what is more, in the online ecosystem.

There are multiple choices just to generate new opportunities, the ideal is to attract users with non conventional formats. If we opt for advertising  we must bet on viral content so it generates a bigger impact and all by the hand of the own user. But if we choose the creation of content we should give added value so the consumer takes part of a significant experience.

The most important factor of online brand awareness is that helps generating brand image and so we can establish a tighten bond with the users that are likely predisposed to know more about the news of the trademark. In Ampliffy, we firmly believe that effectiveness  lies on a continuous awareness, it means that through constant impacts that are kept on our mind we configure an image and a memory that impulses to  purchase or to prescribe. 

Below we show you an infographic of Next agency that explains how to improve online brand awareness:


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