Tuesday, January 5, 2021

WOM in Social Media

Word of mouth or WOM has always been one of the most effective means of increasing brand awareness, but at the same time very difficult to analyze and control. Nowadays the online environment offers us the ability to keep track of what is said in social networks.

The main objectives of WOM are very clear: listen to consumers and approach to them, create content of their interest, make them generate conversations with friends and share content and get feedback from them and create or strengthen the relationship between brand and user. This can be achieved by the collaboration between brand and consumer to generate web presence.

Currently, we can manage and control  social networks and what is said of a trademark in each one thanks to metrics. We have the ability to exhaust target and head to forums or communities where consumers may be interested in our brand, who after may exercise as prescribers and recommend  a brand to their nearest, or we can know the identity of opinion leaders who speak or mention a brand. In Ampliffy we are aware that WOM has become one of the systems that gives more credibility and awareness; credibility , for the fact that is the direct experience transferred from a user and diffusion, because users can immediately access to that experience in any online portal.

Below we show you and infographic of WOMMA ( Word of Mouth Marketing Association) that compares both offline and online WOM:

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