Friday, January 8, 2021

Young Users's Loyalty

Young audience has turned directly into the online media, so to reach it and then keep it you have to use the online loyalty, the e-loyalty. This audience has become one of the most critical and better informed, so you have to surprise it and get fully involved to mantain it satisfied with a content adapted to its language, interests and its worldview.

In Ampliffy we care about what young people think, what drives them, what interests them and, to get this, the best way is to listen and maintain close, constant and direct contact with them. Every interaction is presented once so we must be cared for and reward it with immediacy.

Users of this age group seek new experiences and the best way to keep them is by offering entertainment with relevant and innovative content that appeals and impacts on the emotional factor. The value of satisfaction is priceless as they can then exercise its influence on the online community and contribute to the generation of Buzz. Here lies the importance of measuring results to analyze in detail what has been good driven or not, "the customer forgives but does not forget", so special care must be used in learning from mistakes and propose alternatives to always win the user trust.



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