Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Publishers's Opportunities

The new digital outlook gives Publishers great challenges but at the same time afford them the possibility to discover new opportunities to achieve more advertising inventory on the online market.

One of these opportunities is the market niche that is composed by young target, an audience that seek for fresher, more interactive and with major capacity response formats and that is very present on mobile devices. They are Digital natives that are informed by the latest news  and trends and use the newest Social Media; a proactive profile that looks for quality content and a real time interaction.

Impacting that target is a great opportunity for Publishers to get immediate and efficient results. In Ampliffy we offer various online platforms, that thanks to our integrated system of Big Data we help Publishers to achieve different segments with very diverse likes and behaviours, so they can go to them in a directly and quickly way. 

Below we show you an infographic of Community 102 that explains the interaction of the young audience on Social Media:

Source: www.community102.com 

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