Friday, January 29, 2021

Impacting Young Audience

Interactivity, immediacy and freedom of speech. These are the three pillars that young audience appreciates in Internet advertising. It is desirable to opt for new advertising formats that are more interactive to influence the emotional sphere. Therefore, in Ampliffy we encourage to bet on branded content, display, viral marketing, pre – roll videos or contests in social networks, among others.

Internet has become the media star to reach young people who are saturated with conventional advertising and are attracted to the less intrusive formats that allow them to interact directly with the brand creating links and experiences. If the message is interesting and entertaining, they will be the firsts to share it with their circle of friends exerting as brand prescribers.

Young audience is increasingly using social networks and if a brand is able to establish a strong bond, the experience will become a shared virtual reality. Getting so, the user is receptive to advertising and then consume the content and  the products or services of the trademark.

Below we show you an infographic of Phonesheriff and PeekTab that explains how teenagers use Social Media:


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