Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Branded Content Possibilities

Having a story to explain is the initial phase of any Branded Content. Brands want to connect with their users but the question is, how to reach them in an effective way and with which they would feel comfortable, participant and interested? Branded Content has evolved so that today is much more than to present an entertaining content to be consumed: it is an alive content that contains values and shared emotions.

An alternative increasingly common for both large and small advertisers, since the key is not in the investment or the cost but on the creativity and on the skill to hit and empathize with the public. Everything revolves around the experience to not to sell as the main objective, but entertain and generate sales on long medium - term. The main thing is  the public generates a positive image of the brand that will generate confidence and will be placed in their top of mind with different contents that appeal and move to consume and share.

Sharing is another "must" Branded Content, because good content must lead his own viral to reach its audience and contribute to its success and gaining notoriety transmitting values. And there is no right way, the Branded Content may include any content and take multiple formats, so its effectiveness lies with good adhesion by the public.


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