Thursday, March 4, 2021

Storytelling: The Key of a Great Branded Content

Storytelling and Branded Content are the "trending topic" of the moment, the ying and yang that harmonize and complement the brand new content. To get interest and loyalty of users, they first have to captivate and so the best technique to achieve it is to combine storytelling (telling a story that excites and empathizes) and branded content (providing new, more interactive and less intrusive creative formats). 

This merger will get a much stronger emotional bond that also will build trust. It is thanks to the storytelling the user feels part of a story and is much more responsive and proactive, a key fact that helps the advertiser to get closer to their followers and thus make him able to offer a personalized experience. However, this requires understanding the motivations of consumers very well and adapt the brand and link to content provided with an emotional incentive and not rational one.

Branded Content alone can be and can get very good results but if this is added a good story that encompasses the feelings of the user and the values of the brand, we will be in front of an invincible content. And what is more important, to ensure success we always need to keep in mind at all times, the point of view of the consumer and coherence between creativity and philosophy and brand values. 

Source: IAB Spain

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