Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The habitat of the Millennials: Social Networks

60% of the Millennials usually look for companies in social networks such as Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook... These kind of customers are more powerful in the market than years ago. Internet is a great tool for young people because through social media, they share information, talk with their friends about right or wrong actions of companies.

It is unavoidable, if you want to be in the market and to be interesting for young people, you should use social media. It is crucial to be there, because if  you do not consider a complaint, those clients are going to have a bad image of your company. You should be adapted to this new market, in order to have feedback with your target and to resolve their problems instantly.

The Internet opens the door to amazing advertising, allows you to segment effectively and to monetize your money. In a digital campaign, advertising have to be adapted to these social networks because Millennials have said "Advertisement on Facebook worth because It is not intrusive, nevertheless, Youtube advertising videos interrupt our navigation", for that reason, they do not like commercials in this platform, perhaps, It is due to commercials are the same than commercials on television, for that reason, are unattractive.

Here, you can see the key, to be successful when you launch marketing videos:

Font: Social Media Impact

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